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Requests for Henrie-
Alright, this is THE request thread for me, guys. I've had so many PMs pointing me to so many threads that I simply can't keep track of things. So, monsters posted here will be redrawn. In order. Then posts will be deleted to keep things moving.

Big important things ya'll should know:
  • Everyone loves Ancients, Legends, Zeniths, and Emissaries. However, if all of the requests are for legends it is just silly. In a lot of cases, I'm going to suggest lower ranks of monster, just to keep the game balanced. Just because you post here with "this is a Dragon/Light Legendary monster!" doesn't mean it'll end up that way if it gets put into the game.
  • Some types are severely over-used. I will suggest alternate typing if this is the case. I understand that weaknesses suck, but they're what makes the game interesting and keeps everyone from having an Icebragled in their team. *lesigh* It's good to have weaknesses - it means that we can put more points into the stats and give the monster better attacks.
Alright, so there we are. Henrie's Monster Request forum.

One monster suggestion at a time. No double posting. Go.

[Image: kittoxic_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5ckp4l.png][Image: sabern_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5ckpg3.png]
Kittoxic ------- Sabern
(Concept - Kamenashi)
[Image: dracolor_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5cks0m.png]
(Concept - zacherymatthews)
[Image: killipede_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5cottq.png]
(Concept - SlimJimForHim)
[Image: eelloy_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5dina6.png][Image: psycheel_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5dinaw.png]
Eelloy ------ Psycheel
(Concept - Sparrow Hawk)
[Image: mantice_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5m78hc.png]
(Concept - finbar27oh)
[Image: tingle_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5mnmso.png][Image: aurabel_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5mnn1k.png][Image: lustar_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5mnmzh.png]
Tingle ------ Aurabel ------ Lustar
(Concept - fjkulit)
[Image: snappler_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5waov0.png][Image: caraplast_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5waoxd.png][Image: basilicade_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5wap7b.png]
Snappler ------ Caraplast ------ Basilicade
(Concept - Rock127)
[Image: snappet_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5wdv9b.png][Image: kracket_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5wdvco.png?3]
Snappet ------ Kracket
(Request - honchkrow14)
[Image: veptis_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5x7rlm.png]
(Concept - Josh Barrett)
[Image: peregrass_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5yy9ai.png][Image: leafalcon_by_fishbatdragonthing-d5yy9r4.png]
Peregrass ------ Leafalcon
(Concept - night phoenix)

Bigger, better versions of completed monsters found in my spamming thread (here). I'll be deleting completed requests and comments to keep this thread clean. Don't get me wrong, I love nice long threads and comments, but not when I'm trying to find which monster I was drawing next. X'D Post comments in the spammy thread, please.
we need one of these :3

Everyone wanted it to be zenith so i guess thats what it would be.

An Idea about the BEAST

made creation. Dark/ flying type. Best attributes are HP spdef/ def. It
is a two part monster. the body always changing form depending on the
surroundings. the thing on this monsters back always stays the same.
The actual appearance of the beast is that form of a panther. (more cats
yay!) <- keep in mind please pony is not the actual appearance. The many eyes on its body are connected to its brain that control the part of its brain that change the form on the main body. they are also always on the lookout for enemies or prey.

Of course we dont like cutesy monsters.. XD less cutesy more foul beast kind of thing. ( omg i had an epic idea! )
I am gonna note you on DA!! Smile i hope you like my idea. and it shall be kept secrete until the unveiling
[Image: my_little_final_boss_by_t0ra_chan-d4e66j8.png]
  [Image: Untitled-1_zps54942308.png]
hmmm, could u redraw these?[Image: scaled.php?server=442&]
4 more and it's the long shelved ideas of mine Big Grin
Here's another request, too bad it's at the bottom of the list :/
I want to make another one in the trio (Potasinite, Socilec and Caesidote)... The named is shabby (Voltellite) , but here's my concept:
[Image: hypervolt2.png]
Constantly dying yet never dead
RequestBig Grinraw a witch like crow

Example: misdreavous(dont judge my example)
[Image: 34fxtdy.jpg]
I have a request.. A sphynx type monster (ground/flying type). Don't have a clue for possible evolutions.
In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems.
For issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.

[Image: Gavel-Outside-w.jpg]
[Image: PsycheelEvo.png]

I saw Psycheel, looked totally awesome. Then I saw Simoly > Odani, even more awesome. Then it hit me, let's evolve Psycheel O_O

And then, I thought about this. Psycheel having arms >:o and looking more.. BREAKING BAD!!!!!!!!!
*pwn pun*
My requests, are beginning to stack up. If it doesn't have a number for the (_-stage _____), it's a single stage.
Pick one (or two? Three? FOUR? ALL OF THEM!?)
A Hermit crab with a hill on its back - A hermit crab with a mountain on its back (2-stage Emissary) Ground Water
Larva - Pupa - A Happiness-based evolution, happy is a butterfly, sad is a moth (3-stage Superior) Bug - Bug - BugLight/BugDark
A flying squirrel (Superior) Normal Flying
A Stingray family! (3-Stage Emissary) Water Normal
Tadpole - Frog - Huge Toad (3-Stage Superior) Water Poison
A dog (Regular) Normal
A cat for a partner with the dog (Regular) Normal
An Onion fella (Regular) Grass
A Ginger Monster! (Superior) Grass Bug
Ancient Rocks floating in the air surrounded by a formation of electricity (Zenith) Rock Electric
A giant glacial Krakken, awakened from its eternal slumber (Ancient) Water Ice
A snowman! (Emissary) Ice
Twigs... stick insect? (Superior) Grass Bug
Predator Wolves (Zenith Duo) Dark Fighting & Light Fighting

The -ule trio has been catching my eye lately. Now, my request is, to add more to the trio, and make one for every single type!
Fire-Flying, Water-Flying, Psychic-Flying, Ice-Flying, Poison-Flying, Grass-Flying, Fighting-Flying, Flying, Dark-Flying, Light-Flying, Bug-Flying, Dragon-Flying, Ghost-Flying, Steel-Flying, Rock-Flying, Ground-Flying, Electric-Flying, Normal-Flying (All Superior)
Constantly dying yet never dead
Request new monster:
fighting/rock type ancient based on Hekatonkheire..
hekatonkheire is a giant on greek mythology, it has 50 heads, 100 hands, and 100 feet.

my request
[Image: 3QBq0.jpg]
Signature Shop
another inspiration for new monster
, The Chimera was, according to greek mythology, a monstrous fire-breathing female creature, composed of the parts of three animals: a lion, a serpent and a goat. Usually depicted as a lion, with the head of a goat arising from its back, and a tail that ended in a snakes's head.
it can be zenith or legend..
Requests for Henrie...hmm, wait, I know! any Drexle she thinks is epic Tongue
I thought of a suggestion of an emissary, zenith or maybe perhaps even an legendary/ancient. I was just sketching on my ipad, getting more used to digital art, when I realized that this game didn't have any rock type zeniths or legendaries. So, I starting thinking, and I thought up of a pyramid-themed monster. I added some swirling sand around it, and I liked the idea quite a bit. However, it nowhere near game art. So, could you please draw up a rock type pyramid monster?

Here's the concept sketch I came up with:
It's still a pretty rough idea, so you should add whatever you think will make it better.

Also, I came up with a list of random names it could have:

Wockee has a weequest!
[Image: Ghosts_zpseccbcd69.jpg]
Sphear (Sphere + Fear)

Ghouliorb (Ghoul + Orb)

[Image: BigDaddyGhost_zpsa1c38169.jpg]

Shadorb (Shadow + Orb)
Constantly dying yet never dead
Since the computer's being stupid and not letting me do anything to link...
could you go on my nanolite thread and take a look at my cardinals?
That would be awesome.
Dat's my request.
[Image: FeraligatrSig.png]

I request a set of 4 monsters, all under the category of "regular"
These monsters would be 4 turtles!
One would be colored to match poison
Another one would be Water
The third would be Fire
The last would be Ground
[Image: ifyou.jpg]
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
I have a request! Big Grin
All the same family -
First is light, second is dark, third is light/dark
I was too lazy to draw the second at all(credits to the original artist, I do not claim it, and also, whoever did it is super awesome), too lazy to draw all of the first, though I DID draw all of the third.
And I did extremely shoddy outlining on the first 'cause I'm laaazy.
I thought it'd be cute if the first was drawn sort of Disney-like, but I know that each artist has their own style and preferences for certain techniques. Either way, I'm sure it'll be fuzzletastic.
[Image: first_zpsaf406572.png] First form (Wanted him to have little feathery wings that are all adorable and stuff. Wanna go for cute, innocent puppy on this one, if that's alright. Couldn't think of a puntastic name.)
[Image: demon_dog_by_Dokuro.jpg] Second form (Maybe name could be Hellbound... 'cause you know, Hellhound but bound in hell 'cause of being a demon and such... I dunno, I'm positively terrible at names. Also, I wanted it to have webbed wings instead of feathery wings, and it doesn't have to have that hunchback or bone torso. They're awesome, but I don' wanna be demanding when it's supposed to be a request.)

[Image: third_zps54c26d99.png] Third form (This one, I would prefer to be more precise. Also don't have a name for it, except for Abandog(Abandoned by both sides and a dog.) Skull on the right side, torn up bald ear on the right as well. Down-like, colorful and bright fur on the left ear, bright colorful shades on the right side of the tail. Snakes on the left side don't have to be different colors, or even snakes for that matter. As long as it's dark.(Noun, not adjective) Both wings are torn up, so is the right foreleg. Shows that it's not accepted on either side. Feathery wing is cut up and bloody(I did terrible on that) while other wing is pretty much rotting. The bracelet on its left foreleg is a little dissolved, while its other leg(larger and odder claws on purpose) is also starting to dissolve.)
cthulu based mon please. if you deny this I'll neverforgiveyou be extremely disappointed.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.

Request: Pterodactyl; Electric-Flying it has a very long tail which has electric currents spinning all around it. Its wings are made of pure electricity.
A huge bird (By that I mean... HUUUUGE) that with a dragon skull on it; Dragon-Flying. Its huge body has a lot of battle wounds and scars.
Constantly dying yet never dead
pterodactyl lol

xD the one letter that doesn't make a difference..

I want a skull monster!! it's so epic.. or.. a giant spiky evil looking monster with chains on it '-' it was locked up for a reason. it's like a giant tyranitar obilisk monster thingy!!!!
it also has massive, deadly horns!!!!! and it has cracks in its body! they also glow!!!

the color is purple and black o_o

possible typings : dark/psychic, dark/rock, rock/psychic, steel/rock, dark/steel, steel/psychic...
(2012-09-20, 12:50 AM)night phoenix Wrote: All right, one last time : ANY DREXLE BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL AVAILABLE FOR REDRAW BY HENRIE OR GK!Tongue
Angel pleeeese
A giant fire breathing butterfly with dragon wings

nuff sed
wow so nice
my request is 4th evo of terrarth and hydragon
and 3rd evo for dracloud
(2012-12-07, 10:47 AM)Rock127 Wrote: Since I'm under fj, I choose these three to be redrawn:

[Image: snappler.png]

[Image: caraplastshadedgimp2.png]

[Image: basilicadeshadedgimp2co.png]

I'll make the descriptions for you, make little edits if you want :3

(Top to bottom)
Found it urban places with vast and populous cities, Snappler is a dangerous monster to have around, especially on its younger days. It like nibbling on everything it sees, initially painless but irritating over time. Snappler's little spiky jaws give it a reputation as a furniture pest. In the wild, they travel in trios, along with larger Caraplast and Basilicade. It can ride on Caraplast's back or sometimes snoop around inside Basilicade's mouth. It also brings a tall leap, pestering unsuspecting trainers.

(Level 38)
Caraplast gained a lot more defensive features as it evolved. Its thick skull gains a single horn that it uses to poke holes into objects, before they begin eating it. Their stronger, thicker jaws became steel-like, enabling them to devour almost anything. But mainly, their diet: Rocks. Their backs also developed shells, giving them a sturdy exterior. Their tails gre longer, becoming a lethal weapon, especially as it wags. As an offensive feature, their headbutts can do large damage and their bite grew fifteen times stronger than their mere nibbles as Snappler.

[Leveled up holding (Insert metal-related held item here); level 58]
Basilicade grew from a little pest to a prime predator. Its bite can crush mountainsides, forming caves for its young to rest. Its entire head becomes sturdy as steel, and all that remains of its former head are its glowing white eyes, glaring from its metal exoskeleton. Its hull grows larger, enabling them to stampede through forests and knock down trees if wanted. If provoked, it bites, rams, then stomps its target, often injuring little monsters. Its large feet gave it dominance, and their stomps are made as mating calls, the louder the stomp, the more attractive it becomes.
Here's my request. The Snakes, ignore the others.
[Image: 5n1zte.jpg]
Hissand are found in the desert, as its name implies. they can alter their molecular structures to vanish into sand. They like to drag their prey under the sand and devour them.

Empyramid are infinitely long, and it is said that the Sahara Desert was formed after a behemoth one of these died. They each rule over a pyramid, and are dedicated to its protection. They are known to... eat... grave robbers who intrude, and are fierce even to explorers. However, once you win over their trust, they are incredibly loyal and will fight alongside you, no matter what the odds.
These are just rough descriptions, and you can add as much as you like.

They are Ground/Dragon type Emissaries who focus mainly on physical attacks.
Hissand evolves at level 51.
[Image: FeraligatrSig.png]

I'd like to request a Flying Lion kind of monster.Could be an Ancient Dark-Flying type.It should look really evil xD
Wallagrab Smile

It's a giant wall, with giant hands Smile It grabs things.

Superior class, ofc. XD It's superior than all walls and it's not a regular wall. <- Best reasoning for a monster's class.
I have a request Big Grin it's too simple for these newer monsters but I'm not a good enough artist to add in a lot of details >_<
I was thinking for more details, to have it look more ghost like and sinister looking while remaining to be cute, and
maybe it's wings almost wrapped around it
*More info: It's body is made from pure light, it's eyes, mouth, and wings are ghost like (Not really smokey, but solid and kinda transparent)
Implight Ghost/Light Superior
[Image: akDJb60.png]
hi henrie, i hope you can redraw this monster for me, thanks!

[Image: zega2.S.gif]

theme: this naga does a pose that looks like the below
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTrtF75F4C_pOdPPmPlO10...uY_fQD794A][Image: 2006-06-06-naga-couatl-t.jpg]

but instead of legs, his serpent-like body curls in an aggressive stance, shown on the right.

he wears a smirk on his face. spiky golden hair, black eyes and a body like phelps.

thanks henrie!
[Image: image]
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(2013-01-21, 10:35 PM)Henrie Wrote: Going to start doing requests again next weekend (Feb 2nd) and keep going until they are all done.

But I'm also going to lock this thread.  xD

I enjoy doing user requests, but it's starting to get silly what kind of reference material I'm getting.  Please, please, please - if you are submitting an image, give me some short written description as well.   Some sort of theme.  Something more than the vaguest of pictures.  I'm not going to lie, it's kinda frustrating to put hours of my time and effort into something and still have to credit someone else for the 'idea', when they submitted a pixel art of something that someone else made.

Giving me a theme to work with helps ensure you're getting what you asked for and kills any art block I might be having.

Anyway, get any ideas you want drawn in before the 1st.  One idea per post.  No double posting.

(These will be the last requests I do for a good while.  In the future, I might take a few more, but probably as a 'subscription' bonus for the game.  So keep an eye out for that.  Subscribe and help pay server costs! )
I think you should do some sort of Ancient Magical Dragon. I really like what you did with this guy (see below) and think you should expand on this style. 

As for a more complete explanation of my idea I like the idea of a Dragon that can become invisible. So maybe a Winding Body and you can make parts of it transparent / shiny (like what the mon below is surrounded by)

Let me know if you need more details.
[Image: 79-Lustar.png]
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