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Removal of Rename Thread - Suggestion for AdBot Security
Our adbot security has risen tremendously after the homepage was removed and the no URL thing, but another thing has caught my attention... This:

[Image: captureyln.png]

This function should only be available to the thread maker, but practically anyone can change the thread name by editing the post subject.

Adbots will be stealthed, we wouldn't know that they're adbots until we check the thread itself... so we mods should just keep high guard.
Constantly dying yet never dead
*sob* This suggestion has been ignored for the past three days...
Constantly dying yet never dead
Lol, silence here..
i agree with you though, it should be so that only thread maker can change the subject..
then again, your cons strike back, adbots will be harder to spot.. but just keep an eye on names that posts, and they should be easy enough to catch
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The Vikings Will Rampage.
The thing is, you don't get to change the name of the thread. just the name of the post you are using.
besides, its a dead give away.
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