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Referral system old
We need more players to come, and referall system is one of the best tools.

It should work like this:

If your friend gets the 5th medal, you will be rewarded with 500k-1 M gold

(Edit:  three days of 100 % EXP and gold bonus discarded.)
people would make accounts and spam, so i disagree
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
Thats why i sugested to give the bonus when your friend gets its 5th badge.
5th arena badge?
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
Make account - > get strong monsters from other account -> win badges -> get 100% exp boost for 3 days.

Not sure about this idea. This idea would only work if there's no multi-accounts
I made this idea because every game has this system, i know about that multiaccount thing.

I want you to say the conditions and prizes!!!

To make it fair and not to promote multi account
While it is a good idea, I agree with dz and uchiha. It doesnt matter what restrictions there are, people will always cheat and spam. Its a lot easier to get to the fifth badge with a new player with strong mons than to just work for the gold and exp.
420 Blaze it Lol
just the 500k-1m it would be quicker to earn it on your current account then to switch and run through five zones completely....but it would still be a nice little present.
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Ok, First post edited. Then only the 500k-1M gold?
A referral system.
Games work like this : If you tell a friend about a game, you tell them your username so when they are registering, it will ask "Were you referred by a friend or user" (something like that) and they enter your username.

When registration complete, the username that was entered receives a small compensation for bringing another user to the game. I'd say a reward for every 10 referrals you get.
How many e-mails do you need? 10.
How many times are you going to enter each e-mail to accept Terms and Agreements and activate your account? 10.

Can this be abused? Obviously. Definitely.
Is it a good system? Yes it is.

Since system is so easy to abuse.. Restrictions are needed.
Even though you're allowed to have all the accounts you want, people will abuse it. Giving a prize for it? Why should we?
Either we restrict the amount of accounts to 5 per IP again or we don't have this.

Or if someone comes up with a great plan to this.

Meh, putting all that work in for that 5th Gem, why bother? Be happy that you have 10 or more..
With all that can be achieved in this game.. Should be hardly at all e.e But stiiiilllll easy.
actually i am planning some kind of advertisement event Smile

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