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Redemption Heights (Role Play)
Redemption Heights is your average high school, boring classes and mundane people, to the outside world.
Redemption Heights is really a high school for "fantasy" creatures, mainly humanoid ones, the others have a school elsewhere.

Werewolves are taught to transform at will and Vampires learn to embrace their chilling power, Faeries learn control of their powers, Banshees learn to sing on key and they other misc. students have courses tailored to their specific needs.

If you want to join Personal Message me an App, they should Look like this:

Reason for Joining:


Name: Eils Tumsen (pronounced eye-ls toom-senn)
Species: Genie
Age: 264 years
-creator exempt from reasoning-
when the ice is warm and the fire cold
old is young and young is old
black is white and blue is red,
that is when i'll be dead

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