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This situation occurs when a monster uses an attack that gives recoil damage and they defeat the opponent with that move. The monster takes recoil damage from all the damage they would have caused (the damage past the life of the monster) instead of just the damage they DID cause. I think it would be more fair if this was changed to accurately represent the damage caused in these situations.

Their are some pretty powerful recoil attacks and its almost like its not even worth using them when attacking a weaker type and its super effective. You are just as liable to kill your ownself too.
Hmm... So example, Monster A attacks Monster B. Monster A used an attack that causes recoil damage. It dealt 500 damage. The recoil damage is 1/4 of the damage. Monster B has 200 HP.

So are you saying that instead of getting a recoil damage of 125, it becomes 50?
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Yes. I think that's it. Because sometimes, when you face a very weak monster, let's say it has 40 HP, and the attack dealt 1000 damage with 1/4 recoil. The recoil would be 250, way over the enemy's HP. It should be just 10, since it's 25% of the damage that actually hurt the enemy.
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I think the recoil damage can be calculated by a base power, because the logic is, the same power that hurts an enemy hurts both monsters, but as is your monster that used the move, he has a better resistence to that attack, so the damage dealt by both monsters will be different. So, with that logic I think the recoil moves need to have a base power for the enemy and other for your monster, and with a little random factor, making them independent
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Yes and this actually makes sense when you think about it logically..

Yes, Monster A would be using the same force no matter who monster B is, but if Monster B is weak it would offer lest resistance and cause less recoil.
I.E. do you think a Rhydon should gain a lot of recoil for using takedown on a jigglypuff? (Still learning names of this games monsters so pokemon reference was easier)

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