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Random debuff (bug)
So I mentioned that my torchomp using evasion serum (debuffs 2 random stats by 1 stage) never debuffs accuracy and evasion...

So I tested it with freak and after using evasion serum 48 times it still didnt debuff accuracy and/or evasion with even 1 stage.

So my question is.

Is there a bug with random debuff moves or is this meant to be ? Can only moves that specificly name accuracy and / or evasion debuff those 2 stats ?
Or do I just have the worst luck in the world... ever ?

If a bug, then I would like to get this fixed Smile 

[Image: cLF4wdq.png]

*NOTE - However, there are no bugs with random BUFF moves. That raise your stats.

*EXTRA NOTE - Its not only this move... Tested it with other moves and encase won't debuff accuracy and/or evasion too... I used the move 40 times...

[Image: ixVDQLZ.png]
maybe you just had bad luck, xp Tongue
(2013-08-20, 02:02 AM)Viperianw Wrote: maybe you just had bad luck, xp Tongue

Luck is rarely a factor with algorithms.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
[Image: kSLYA.png]
MMm no when you have speed, attack, spattack, def, spdef, hp, critical, evasion and accu and you have 2 changes it not even is possible it is bad luckWink 1 time is possible, but in 3 matches no changes in accu or eva is not bad luck anymoreWink I think it not is possible to change then
nice catch. there were few bugs. evasion and accuracy were being out of list

now it should work
Big Grin
Yay... That would make my team... 10% more usefull Big Grin

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