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R.I.P Whitney Houston

Last night died suddenly famous American singer and actress Whitney Houston. She was 48 years old. Police did not disclose the cause of death. However, according to one version, she was dead, drowned in the bath water. Such a hypothesis suggested the journalists Internet portal TMZ, details of which are involved in events associated with the life of a celebrity.

Presumably, Houston hotel staff was found unconscious in the bathtub. According to a source, when the ambulance service arrived, the body is taken out of Houston's bathroom. In her room were found pills prescribed by a doctor. The exact cause of death will be established only after the autopsy.

According to another version, the cause of death was drug overdose. In May 2010, Houston was held out-patient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.

Recall: the sad news of the death of the world of pop diva scene came at night, Feb. 12. The singer died in a hotel room Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. The hotel staff found the star postoyalitsey unconscious in the room, he immediately called "ambulance" and the police. Doctors tried to revive the singer. But, alas, their attempts were unsuccessful. The doctors noted her death

something to remember her
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That is unfortunate, even if I never heard of her.

You must have heard her songs, but you didn't knew who's singing them.. atleast :?
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hmmmmmmmm strange
i smell a conspiracy on her death
"We work in the dark, to serve the light. We are knights."

*kicks dei*
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how could dei not know who she was
RIP whitney
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(2012-02-14, 10:30 AM)rock gyo Wrote: You must have heard her songs, but you didn't knew who's singing them.. atleast :?
I remember her songs now from Extra Extra from yesterday. I heard some of her songs but never knew the artist Tongue
I hope her daughter is alright, apparently she got admitted into hospital same day as her mother died
R.I.P Whitney Houston
You dare Challenge ME ?

Well i didn´t know so much about her but, in any case, i know that she sang beautiful songs and that was a good human being.

Well, i hope God have her with him and give her the pass to heaven because, the songs of her (i only listened 1 but i think others are the same as cool and pacific) make the world have hope for a better world, like Michael Jackson.
Well Whitneyy, that god have u in you in some ages! Smile
I liked one song. Idk why. Eh.
RIP r.r
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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Tis' a shame to see another person go....
i love my con
I'm just glad they didn't treat her the same way they did with michael jackson. The excessive news coverage was just embarrassing.

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