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The attractive player item is often used to hunt monsters, and the horrifying player is a useful item for keeping away monsters. Both of these items have to be refreshed every 100 steps. In order to refresh these items, a player must go into their bags, find it, and use it. This is a quite inconvenient.

This problem has a simple solution. What if, like the nets, the attractive player and horrifying player could be put into the toolbar on the bottom?

Here is a picture. The red box indicates a place the items could go for easy access.
[Image: 2a8jer6.jpg]
As I already told in chat (also gave the idea of making it a thread on the forum so people would at least think about it) I support
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Wasnt this the case in earlier versions?
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Well I never used the player items during v1, so I don't remember. It would be nice to have them there though.

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