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I Really think that these would be good ideas:

People in the houses to explain things
People in houses to give quests for:

     Catching Specific Monster(s), Monster Type(s), Beating (Specific)              Trainer(s), Purchasing Specific Item(s), Delivering Letters,                    and Escorting People
People in Houses giving Free Items
School Trains Monsters with Seperate Expriance through Minigames that          must be completed each day
Better Announcing of PvP Requests (I just don't think people see them...)
Basically LOTS of Quest Options to make the game more alluring...
Support absolutely. If there were no monetary or ranking awards for quests, then what would be the point of having quests at all?
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I support this idea as well. I think this would make the game grow, in a very big way.
sound good maybe the npc,s should also be able to talk too and sometimes they give you more quests or items or just wanna battle you
pm me if you have questions
i suggest you also get a rare mon you can only get by doing the quest as a gift
on this topic, i think we should have our own personal level and quests give us power to level up. Support? and ranking is based on power. new monsters, new badges, completed quests all contribute to this power that accumulates and levels us up. level cap....100? but you can still gain power
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