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Not really about the game but still!
why are regular users not allowed to demand arguments to be dropped? cause the chat is really no place for that!
Also why do some cms Like to argue? when it clearly shouldnt be allowed!
Why are there so many inactive cms?
You are free to argue as long as it doesn't disturb other members of the chat. Plus, it's not just about the [cm]s as an argument can take 2 to more people involved.
So please, stop acting innocent about it all. When whatever was happening was asked to drop, you continued which resulted in another [cm] banning you. Realize your own faults before blaming others. You want to talk about maturity, then set an example.

There are many inactive moderators. The situation about that was fought over plenty of times. It would be nice for no one to go into that talk again as it will never be won.
thanks you post
thanks you post
Thanks you
Damn, this is amazing. I loveRun 3 .

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