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Question from me...
What is better for training weak monsters? Using Educational armor and using a strong monster, or giving it experience armor then swap into another monster?
Constantly dying yet never dead
2nd i think.
Yes I use 2nd but problem is I need to go all the way back to MC to heal then return then again and again and again.
Constantly dying yet never dead
use fly move
I am..but it's a time waster so..
(1) Less EXP Gained, less time wasted
(2) More EXP Gained, more time wasted
Constantly dying yet never dead
I Use Experience Armor on the monster and swap into a stronger monster just on till its strong enough.

But my way in training doesn't involve any of my monsters doing anything more than to just show up Smile
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Ultimate box spam is still possible, but not for long. I got only 130+ left..
Constantly dying yet never dead
I don't do that.
I catch Jetegins o_O
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Experience armor, Method one is much safer because you will not need to heal as often and you can train in higher level places without exposing your stronger level monster to getting hit.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
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is this sufficiently answered to lock rain?
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Lock it now. I won't be training for a while.
Constantly dying yet never dead
locked upon request.
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