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Quanto's Guide to a good rank
First i'll go into a little about the different things that determine your rank

Money( Maximum Points: 50,000)- Negligible affect on rank...can easily make the top 25 with 0 gold......and is better used buying monsters to increase dms...or to increase average exp/lvl

Ancient Gem Count( Maximum Points: 200,000)-(Not enabled yet)

Total Experience( Maximum Points: 150,000)- A very important part of your rank...but its better to let it accrue naturally then focus on it as a main way to gain rank

Average exp( Maximum Points: 300,000)- very important in the upper ranks after you get above say around 1,200 dms...its near about time to stop working on gaining dms and start training your mons

Average lvl( Maximum Points: 300,000)- same as average exp

DMS *Different Monster Score*- The bread and butter of the current ranking well you do on average exp/lvl is determined by how high a dms you have as the following formula shows

Category 1--- AVG EXP * DMS // Maximum Points: 300,000
Category 2--- AVG Level * DMS // Maximum Points: 300,000

Basically the more monsters you have that are different the higher your dms *pssh quanto...that's obvious*

Well different classes of monsters affect your dms to a different extent...the higher the class of the monster the more dms it is worth...ranging from regulars worth 1 dms apiece to ancients worth 12 dms apiece (superiors=2,emissaries=3,zeniths=4,legends=6)

ok now for tips on how to best get dms

1) Work backwards go to the highest level maps and catch at least 1 of every single monster (more if they have more then one stage)

2) Make a list of the mons you are missing from each specific class and once each day check the bazaar for them

3)You see/hear a person selling a lot of monsters for 500 gold or less them can always sort them out and get rid of the ones you dont need later....and its better then missing one of the ones you do need

4) It's easier to get the classes in this order Legend-->Zenith-->Regular-->Superior-->Emissary

Now for a couple tips on how to climb the higher ranks

1) Familiarize yourself with what monsters you can only catch below if you see one of them on the bazaar at a high level...they are worth more then monsters that can be caught at around that level

2) Train all your monsters lower then 24 up to if you have more then 5 of them...and have a decent dms *1000+* it will help your rank more then training 1-2 level 100s
2.5) On second them up to the next challenge level is a good idea...especially since that leads to number 3

3) Exp Max [Image: expmax.png] may be expensive...but you will get far more ranking points from using it on a level 69/84 monster...then you ever got from the money itself

4) At least once each day go to the bazaar and filter for price increasing and minimum level you can sometimes find great bargains and greatly increase your average exp/lvl and total exp

5) As much as you possibly can....don't keep any duplicates below level it will end up hurting your average exp/lvl
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A very helpful guide,Quanto
Thanks and its not finished yet....also i know another thread about ranking exists...and i may end up deleting this...

So Im basically just using it as a place to work on this...anyways after Im done I'll delete it if anyone has a problem with it
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Thanks Quanto!
This is a very helpful guide, Quanto!
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Its kind of the same way im doing it already! Big Grin
but great tips! ;D
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don't delete it. it's good
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nice one quanto
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Thanks Quanto it's awesome Smile
^^Thanks for this signature to SparrowHawk^^
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you might want to actually explain what DMS stands for lol
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
yes! ive read it all, now im a pro! lol

nice work quanto
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nice guide helps a lot
it's totally out of date...need to add in how arena badges affect your rank etc etc

maybe when I'm not feeling so lazy Tongue
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