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I'm actually thinking that there should a pop up window when you are invited to a pvp challenge as sometimes we might not notice someone invited us as it is not that obvious :O

Maybe there is an option whereby it allow the user to either enable the pop up. If it is implemented, user that declined that specific pvp 5 times and will forbid it from sending for another 30mins. Because it will hard to realize with that small box. If really will annoy the user, why not putting a bigger text or box where it will attract the user's eyes? [Image: smile.gif]
Well that is a good idea, but can you make it sound like it should be prevented ?
Such as make it sound more publishing or like realistic.
If you could then Thanks, NightofChaos is out
Oh my I think I forget to add in the second paragraph, I have edited my top post Big Grin
Fine with me as long as more detail is added
No, it is realy annoying when i get a pvp request, it would be more annoying when a pop up comes..
Yeah thats why there will be a option whether you want that feature anot Smile
Some people *me* have pop-up protection in their computers ;w;

Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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