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Just a thought, how about being able to have both PvP's put gold on the game before it starts, then pick teams in secret (with maybe some fixed rules, or different challenge types).

Winner takes the gold.

Ooh, prize money for PvP? I like that idea, especially since it's customizable. I think this idea is worth discussing with higher-ranked users. I'd totally use this feature if it were real.
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No offense, but I'm not the biggest gambler in the world...but I like prize money Big Grin
I support the pick team in secret part.
(2012-06-23, 11:03 PM)Elijah Wrote: I support the pick team in secret part.
There is no current way of doing this?
We might be able to add tiers and clauses and such. Those are fixed rules that both sides agree to. We are planning to work on the competitive metagame for pvp usage once the monsters are straightened out. Also, laying down your amount of gold, making it optional, is a good idea.
Some kinda asked for it to be automatic. Maybe to where both users do not lose gold but one side actually losing gold is good.

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