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Pups Apology-Please Read-
I was asked by PupK9, on his NoobyToons account, to post this, as he had no computer near him and was on his phone. I did not know where to put it so have decided in the forums community general chat. If it does not go here, then a forum staff member can move it to where it belongs, thank you. It is a Screen Shot, that is what he asked me to post in this thread.

[Image: 9u7n0y.png]
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I don't really know what happened but since he had the courage to apologize then I respect him for that. Thanks for helping him post it Aniki.
Let him know that I accept his apology.
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I'm never here but seeing that made me smile.

Mature decision to apologize and know what you did wrong. +Respect Point
I respect his apology. I will admit I was a little ticked off when he banned me because I banned him for a real reason... but the past is the past. Time to move on.
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
two good guys fight thenthey say they sorry nice
[Image: attachment.php?aid=446]
Thanks Aniki for this.. T'was a bad day for me >.<
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That's so cute. I like reading old contents here.

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