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Probably another artist for revamping please comment
I just got an example delivery.

Still did not discussed in details but let me show you

Waiting your comments


[Image: 35ed406113c085a49f217a9afc60ecd0-d6p3qot.png]
I LOVE THIS! This is the kind of art we need!! 5 stars!
Resident noob
Awesome x thousandBig Grin
That just blew my mind 0.0
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
man this people are highly talented they've been bless
Looks good, maybe too good, i dunno.
My first ancient
[Image: daa154e0-1b59-4c7d-ae84-372078000ab3.png]
Al haber gatos no hay ratones
I really like the glowing crystals
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Well lets be honest.

Its good so i rated it 3 stars.

But I personally aren't very impressed so yeah ima keep it in the middle on 3 stars.

Not that its bad but if i compare it to people like Kibii then i think the art from those people is slightly better.
noooooo thats awesome i wanted to give 4 stars clicked 1 star by mistake Sad 

[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
I would like to see that in my team later on in the game.
It looks good as always with these new artists Wink Also glad it made it into the game as a new monster.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=448]
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