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Possible Investment? o.o

I just spent 5(Lazy)months worth of lawn mowing for the book in the middle, hoping to one day make an investment off of it, at first i was excited, but now im looking at my wallet and im face-palming myself. I know that they WILL be worth a lot more later on, but i just don't know how much more T^T

Your thoughts?
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You're welcome.

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I am sorry to say this, but that was a bad investment. Those are really meant to be for collectors not to be kept and sold for a profit. There are many rare old comics, toys, etc, that really could not sale for all that much, you will be lucky to even get your money back on those. I don't know if you have saw that show an AMC called "comic book men", but if you have you should know that it is really hard to actually make a profit on items like the one you purchased. If i were you i would try to sell that ASAP for how much you bought it for, even if you hold on to it for numerous years it would not be an easy sell.

That is just my opinion, but you can make your own choice Smile
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TMNT though will have intense sellback value one day. It just might be 50 years before it gets to that point.
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