Poll: What should be in Chapter 8?
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Legendary Pokemon Encounter!
Black and White Pokemon! (Unova/Isshu region)
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Pokemon Rausten Update
Ahah, hey everyone, Grey here. \(^_^)

I have some good news, and I have some bad news...

Good news is, I has a poll on here for the chapter after next!

Bad news is, I won't be able to publish the next chapter until next week. @.@

Sorry I haven't been doing anything with the fanfic, I've been rather busy with school lately. Apparently, I was failing three classes and never noticed... >.<

Anyways...I'll have to wait until next Friday...that's like...6 days... @.@

So yeah, sorry guys. Also, this poll is for what will appear in the chapter after next.

If you go with Evan's first legendary encounter, tell me which legendary you want. If a certain one is popular, I'll use it, ahah.

Once again, sorry for not posting. Undecided

[Image: greyvodo.png]
Chapter 8? o.o

Hmm... Hehe I has a loop hole in your poll!

Black/White Pokemon = Black/White LEGENDARY!!!!!
*votes Black and White*

If he were to encounter a legendary, I say Virizion!

If we were to get a new pokemon.. Well, he has Totodile, Scizor, Alakazam, and Pidgeotto...

A fire type is in need! He needs to get... Pansear
Not Pansear! I bought White last week, got that annoying little monkey, dumped him for Darumaka, never looked back. =3
[Image: greyvodo.png]
Hmph r.r

Then I pick neither black/white or legendary '-'

*leaves your story* Darumaka ugly. Darumaka rhymes with baka :3 and that's what it is.
I evolved it yesterday, pretty kewl actually. lol Also, I discovered Litwick♥ It's now on my Pokemon Dream Team! Big Grin Also, on the story...I was thinking that he'd encounter a trainer from the Isshu region who shows Evan the way to a mysterious cave which leads to a big field full of Isshu Pokes... Whatcha think?
[Image: greyvodo.png]

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