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Pokemon - Adventures with Waterslayer!
Pokemon Adventures -
Adventures with Waterslayer!

Entering Little Forest Ryan said to Charmander and Riolu.
"Man I wish I knew what that Bird was called. It represents the Rainbow I guess..."
"Char..." Charmander mumbled and saw two pokemons.
"Hey pokemons!" Ryan yelled. "Charmander Inferno!"
Caterpie fainted while Shedinja used Shadow Ball.
"Riolu quick attack! Charmander Flamethrower behind!" Ryan yelled the moves.
Shedinja just stood there when Riolu used Quick Attack, but Shedinja fainted by Flamethrower.
"Go Great Ball!" Ryan said throwing the Poke Ball.
(You know what happens all ready so..)
"Great, I just caught a Shedinja!" Ryan yelled with a big smile.
Ryan checked it in the Pokedex.
Shedinja the Quick pokemon. It has a ability called Wonder Guard.
Wonder Guard is a ability that only the user may only get hit by super effective.
"This poke-" Ryan said and stopped for a bit.
"Well you caught a Shedinja." A kid said clapping."The names Waterslayer, Water for short."
"Want to battle or what?" Ryan said. "Deal with it."
He showed his face. "Sure, go Totodile!" Water said laughing.
"Go Riolu!" Ryan called. "Force Palm."
"Totodile Hydro Pump!" Water yelled.
"Dodge then aim for a right timing Riolu." Ryan yelled so Riolu could hear.
Riolu didn't have a chance so did his own move Dig.
"Ahhh..." Water said. "Totodile wet the ground."
Totodile wet the ground and Riolu couldn't get out because he was stuck in the mud.
Suddenly Riolu evolve to Lucario. "I surrender" said Water. "Please let us travel with you."
"Sure." Ryan said happily to see a Lucario.
"Charmander, Shedinja come out and see our old friend Riolu." Ryan happily said.
Charmander and Shedinja played with Lucario while Ryan talked with Water.
"You got 3 rare pokemon." Water said. "Charmander is a starter , Riolu is a rare pokemon in the wild, and Shedinja can only be seen in morning and
is rare."

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