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Pokemon 16th movie: Mewtwo's Awakening
********WARNING, MAJOR SPOILER**************

I dont know the release of the film, all i can give you is a prologue to the film (its in japanese) and the two oficial trailers.

Trailer 1:


Trailer 2:


And this is the oficial prologue to the film 

You can check this website for the English (dub) version of the movie whenever it's uploaded.

Movie was released in Japan in July.
Should be subbed.. sometime after that. Maybe in September and dubbed around November/December.
Totally not sure about it.
Bumping :

Pokemon Movie 16 dubbed English.

My opinion review : I dislike it because the Mewtwo is different from before. It's a whole new Mewtwo that dislikes Humans and only protects pokemon.
It's basically the first mewtwo, different voice, until changed by Ash. >_>

I was seriously hoping it would be a reunion kind of thing between Ash and Mewtwo. Seriously, there's only 1 Mewtwo, it has only 1 history which is being developed from Mew and Humans.
They had another movie with Ash and Mewtwo as friends and Mewtwo was always roaming the world. This new Mewtwo sucks r.r
agreed. a girl voice? whut?

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