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On those of us who have more than one Monster to release.

Suggestion Outline:

Add a button which effectively allows us to release Monsters while we are still in our Storage.

Say you're like me and you have six Monsters you want to release to clean up your Storage. That's eight clicks per one Monster, so a RIDICULOUS minimum total of 48 clicks to release a measly six junk Mons. Even with the shortcut, you still use a minimum of 42 clicks.

Suggestion Specifics
  • What would change: The process of catch and release process which is extremely common for finding a desirable Nature/UV spread

  • How it would change: With a button to click, players no longer have to click 8 buttons just to release one monster (not including the clicks you use to navigate to the Monster itself). Of course you can click Game Page after you put the Monster in your party, but that saves you from a negligible ONE click.

  • How it benefits us: It would make releasing much more streamlined and end player's frustration.

  • Why it matters: A happy userbase is a good userbase.
[Image: GgcM.png]
Suggested before but this is explained better.. Sorta.
yes i should redesign that page for that purpose
I agree.
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