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Permanent NPC Item Event Started - Sponsored by Player Snor
New NPC event sponsored by Player Snor

In this event, we put an invisible NPC into Zone 11: Light

You need to find the exact location of this NPC to battle against it

This NPC won't give you EXP or Gold reward

The team of this NPC is a relatively easy one

Team of the NPC is:  Level 130 Terracoil
Level 130 Reagle
Level 130 Bermudrac
Level 130 Gengharoo
Level 130 Bistone
Level 130 Klactipede

It will give you occasionally Monster eggs like other NPCs

You will be able to battle and win against this NPC as many as times you want

This NPC will drop a new item called Caster

The drop rate is 1/500. So on average, for 500 times defeating this NPC, you will get 1 Caster item

This item has the following features: Increases the SpAttack stat of the holder by 15% and SpDefense stat of the holder by 10%.

This item is a held item

This item will not be sold at the market or other than this event NPC, it won't be available anywhere else

This item will be untradeable - our first non-tradeable item

You will not be able to sell this item at the bazaar, also when you sell a Monster or trade a Monster which has this item mounted, the item will be sent back to your bag before Monster is sold or traded

You can sell this item to NPC or release your Monster to wild when it is mounted

Since you can defeat this event NPC as many as times you want, you won't be able to escape from it until you surrender in a battle

You can also be a sponsor of such custom events

Contact CeFurkan for more information to become a sponsor of such custom event
The event is now permanent
Caster, a new item dropped by defeating this NPC, boosts SpAttack by 15% and SpDefense by 10%. This event NPC sells this held item. The item is untradeable and will return to the player's backpack if mounted on a Monster sold or traded.
Awesome event, @CeFurkan!  Ready to conquer Zone 11 and snatch that exclusive Caster item! Let the battles begin notepad online

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