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Can we open shop and get paid with paypal/real money?

thank you!
you can open a shop and and do nc and uv or ability change with game gold or monster but doing it with real money is prohibited 
 *Giving real money to other players for monster, item or game gold exchange will get you banned permanently!*
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
dunno about getting paid for drawing and stuff...i thought just seeing one's name on the artists' list brings you pride and joy...guess not Undecided
it can be this way only

you can have shop to revamp / draw new monsters to our game

players can pay to you to get revamp / draw new monster with any price you personally deal Smile

this rule applies to all artists
Thanks for the reply Cef!

And Viperianw...i am trying to do this for  living. So, credits alone just done feed me. Big Grin

Hope you understand...and if anything,
I'll look for another outlet to open my shop too!! Big Grin
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