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So I was minding my own business leveling my paraprano when I made a depressing discovery...

Even with 300 def tp, and 0 speed tp, it is impossible to transform him to 2nd stage of transformation with "silently nature".

To transform to paralto, you need 

"Level 49 - If Defense is greater than Speed"

I was very annoyed after realizing this because I really like the abilities on my paraprano, and now there's no way to make him usable anymore.

NOT ONLY THAT, but to evolve to its final transformation, you need to give an s.atk monster 400 atk tp to transform... WHAT?

I really think that those monsters with strange stat requirements should be re-made, especially with a nature system that can take away 60% of a stat making it impossible to evolve certain monsters if they have a "good" nature.
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Could you not just use Attack Degrade items and then retrain it in sp atk? A lot of work I know but  maybe it would work.

As for your situation maybe the creator can make an item that force evolves a mon in a situation like yours?
i was also annoyed by this when it was in the test server, this problem needs to get fixed
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Hope CeF makes the item to where you can force your monster to evolve. Because I know I had a great nexon with great abilities. Trained it to level 67 only to find out that speed had to be faster than sp.atk. I was demoralized.
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