Poll: If possible, would you like there to be another tournament?
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I want a tournament!
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I remember when over the summer there was a tournament, there were tons of active people. After that, Those people disappeared and the flow of chat and gameplay went down significantly. Now i'd like to see the community become active again, so I decided that we should make another tourney, to get people excited about the game again. So what do you say? I've already gotten cefs support to sponsor the rewards andI am willing to devote time to making this the best it can be. Its up to you guys, yay? or nay?
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it would be nice... new year  tournament Smile
I'm up for it.
i definitely agree! and i would be willing to help
Thank you and I will definitely need it ^^
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That would be nice! It'd be some great motivation to play the game again. I'm up for it!
My in game name is SacredDoughnut1....The pastry tastier than a cinnabon and cinnabons are GOOD.
ı join
Sounds like a great idea! I would join in (though I probably won't get too far).
yeah i want tournament. Even when people don't want to pvp, its still good for an extra element in the game!
            thx PRYSMA 2
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Nice idea! Big Grin
it would be good to have a tour in game during the holidays unfortunately i wont be able to join Sad
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nice idea Smile
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I am going to go to sleep now as my body won't work anymore.I am like a butterfly with broken wings. 
nice ıdea Smile
for me it's ok good idea
I might as well compete in this one. If I get my comp back.
Resident noob
Alright, i'll add you on the threadSmile
add me please i havent pvped for long time
trolololololololololololololol                  Big Grin

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