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Hello to all,

I believe that the time between turns should be increased. Sometimes there are crucial decisions to be made that require more time, other times players windows do not load for the first turn resulting in a random move.

I would like to hear everyones thoughts on this.

i am sale990 .    I like your idea darkren it is indid low space 15 sec and loading can make trobble .i lost yesterday monster becouse my screen didnt load and that is crucial in pvp . to lose monster on start right away  is directly  5  vs 6 . what is not good
I also agree i have not been in that many pvp battles but it seems that in some if not all if i am a few seconds late getting there or trying to make the right move i end up needing to switch monsters because of it, so yes please extend the time to 10 seconds if not 12 which will double move time
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I feel like there should be a way to have a way that people can customly setup their game. For example; If you wanted it to be a 3v3 with 20 seconds each turn you could select "max: [3] Monsters" and "time each turn: [20] Seconds". Get what i'm saying?
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yes he you are right dark cause my pc isnt too fast and alot of time the 15 seconds end before i can make a move it should be increased to 30 or 40 seconds Tongue
Hmmm... Im pvp-ing without lag and other players lose sometimes against me because they didnt choose moves.
So if you want to add more time, the choosing limit should lower too. Like 3 times no move is loss, because if there is a inactive player you accepted its a very long frustrating wait before you can play the game again.

What i dont like is the beginning and end. Sometimes you have to wait for other players very long in the beginning. When you want to start and other player doesnt know you accepted their pvp offer. at the end = same, why do you have to wait when finished? Its probably hard to fix that with refreshing pages and stuff.. but i dont like waiting for other players that dont know how to pvp.
            thx PRYSMA 2
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I would like to thank you all for your contributions. I would like to elaborate on some issues posted by Santy.

Honestly I am asking for more time between decisions to be a priority, I think that 'random choice' should not be the punishment if they don't act, but an instant loss. So say we get 2mins per decision, if you take too long you automatically lose.

The current pvp system is not 'learning environment' friendly. people don't have enough time to analyse the monsters/movest etc.

I am in rush to post so sorry if it doesn't make sense
i am not sure if everyone wants we may increase

previously it was higher but players requested to lower down Big Grin

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