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PVP battle Time suggestion
Ive thrown this idea around, and seen it thrown around, in the comments sections of other threads a bit, but its hasnt been the focus of its own thread to my knowledge.

I think it would add to the pvp experience to increase the move time your given to 30 seconds instead of 15. Ive only done 1 pvp battle so far but if im not mistaken your given like a minute and a half to choose your first monster. Really though if anything makes sense to have more time it would be the during battle decisions for thinking, monster switches, and etc.

Its not like it would make battles much longer but it would also eliminate most accidental time lapses letting a player get a free attack off. I think it would help and have very little downside.
I dont agree. I think 15 seconds is plenty.
My browser crashed when i was PvPing Guider, and it took nearly 20 minutes for him to finish the round. It would've taken nearly 40 with this idea implemented. It's not only my browser that crashes; it happens to a lot of people. I think that a 15 second time frame is 100% adequate.

I dont support this idea.
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Interesting... as i said before ive only played one pvp game here, but the online pokemon game ive played before was 30 seconds and it went very smoothly,

But i guess your saying its harder for 30 seconds to be supported here because it crashes a lot?
well, im saying that everyone's computer runs a different speed. If mine runs slower than yours, waiting thirty seconds might be more tedious than waiting 15
420 Blaze it Lol
Well youve had much more experience pvping in this game than me, so you would know more about how it works.. What i know is that in the previous game everything went smoothly and 15 seconds was 15 seconds.

But if what you say is right Torito then i dont support my idea either Lol. The people that would actually implement this stuff would know, I just wanted to make sure everyone has enough time to make their moves..
I support.period.
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Haven't someone suggested this before?

I support, but 30 seconds is waaaay to long... I think cef said he's gonna make it 20 sec or something...
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I suggested this like.. Last week was it? Or something
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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