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Not sure if anyone has made this suggestion but here is something that could be a nice update for the PVP.

PVP as I see it is based on player asking permissions to fight another player or a CPU of the players current team.  What the game could use is a PVP Que generator and PVP replay.


I understand that the game would need quite a bit of players for this to work fully but what the game can do is make a section where you can wait in a lobby and the system will give you a random opponent who is also in the lobby. When you win or lose in this Lobby, they keep track in your profile record but it shouldn't effect the current rank. There can be a seperate rank all together.


Basically where the PVP boards are there could be a button that will load the match of a game that happens since the game keeps track of the turns and the information that happens each time, you can view a fight that a player does with another player.  Player vs CPU shouldn't be recorded for obvious reasons of people just spamming that more to test their monsters.

Hope this gives some ideas for the future Big Grin
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yes i am planning PvP ELO system

however reply is somewhat hard at the moment
People always suggest too late (jk maybe)
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