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PVP Live tournaments
My suggestion is that every month, the best of the best on monster mmorpg will be chosen from the top 100 list, and they compeat in a live tournament. (40 will be chosen, and there will be 20 battles of 2 players. the brackets will be made after contestaints are chosen) Give your comments on the ideas.
good idea during beta but there will be a few problem

1) Different people could only be active during different timezone thus some players could not attend the tournament
2) What will the winner get if he wins the tournament? nothing? surely not ... and who would pay for the prize?
3) Some people in the top 100 list is only high because they have high total average exp while some people with low rank have good fakemon and is stronger than some top 100 people , isn't this unfair to the pros who didn't play alot or donate alot ?
well i wouldn't know about 1, but 3 what i meant his who have donated and have actually worked hard to get there fakemon. And if the noobs want to get in, this encourages them to work harder. and eventually they will get chosen. About number 2, when we are in beta version and CeFurkan doesn't see and problems, he can give the winner any 1 legendary fakemon of the winners choice, and 50,000 coins.
i like the idea of every month pvp tournaments .
Admins ,CMs and SCMs should organise it.
i would be glad to help in that stuff Big Grin
I LOVE MY INDIA [Image: india-flag-47.gif]
I think the tournament would be a great idea and would encourage people to be on more to train but as there was on old craft there could be some different categories e.g.
(now i cant think of more atm but i think you get me)
I really don't understand how this would encourage people since there will be different tournaments that they can attend + some people don't even play much :/

And for the top 100... Some people just get into it through laziness just by buying and catching random monsters. That doesn't make anyone the best :/

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