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PVP Battling Question
Whenever I challenge someone to a PVP battle, that seems to work fine, but when I challenge another person, the previous challenge seems to disappear. Is that supposed to happen? Also, if the challenge is accepted, does the battle happen automatically, are both players controlling monsters, or 1 player is fighting an AI?

Also, unrelatedly, is there anywhere that we can more information about TPs and UVs?
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Thank you!
I don't know if the challenges are supposed to disappear. I don't believe so, but I am not sure. Also, when you are battling someone you each control your own monsters.
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(2012-08-07, 07:47 PM)Anduril Wrote: Thank you!
^_^ No problem. Its what I'm here for.
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ok lets see If i can clear a few things up...

1. It is not a it stands right now you can only send a challenge to 1 person at a time (you can receive more then one pvp offer if more then 1 person sends you a pvp offer)

2. It is a live will be facing another player...if however the other player does not respond...the computer after a set time limit will choose their monster's moves for them

3. As soon as the other player accepts the pvp offer they are carried to the monster selection screen to choose the monster they will send out first...after they have chosen their first monster the other player has a set amount of time to choose theirs if they dont...the computer will choose ne for them once the time expires

I know that some of what i just said may have raised more questions...or did not fully explain...but i believe it covers the general gist of what you have asked
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