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PR Chapter 6: Pidgeotto vs. Machoke, Feathers vs. Muscles!
Pokemon Rausten

Chapter 6: Pidgeotto vs. Machoke, Feathers vs. Muscles!

The newly evolved Pidgeotto steps forward towards Machoke. "Enough of this," the man says, "Machoke, Rock Smash!" Machoke brings it's fist down fast, attempting to smash Pidgeotto like a pebble. Pidgeotto quickly avoids it and leaps into the air. He flies upwards then comes down fast, wings at the ready. He batters at the Machoke with his wings, pushing Machoke to it's knees. Evan pulls out his Pokedex. "What move was that?" he says as he checks. Wing Attack, a flying type move. The target is struck with large, imposing wings spread wide to inflict damage. "Wow," Evan says, "Guess he learned a new move when he evolved." "Of course," Mark says, "Most Pokemon do." Pidgeotto and Machoke begin battling it out, fists and wings flying. After a few minutes, Machoke brings it's knee up and knocks Pidgeotto out of his focus. "Heheh," the man says, "Now's your chance Machoke. Mega Punch!" Machoke brings it's fist up at Pidgeotto with all it's power. Pidgeotto sees this happening and reacts. He latches onto Machoke's fist and pushes, using Machoke's own power to fly higher. Pidgeotto reaches almost to the top of the ceiling, he turns downwards and folds his wings against his body. Lightning quick, he swoops in and stabs straight into Machoke's chest with his beak. Machoke falls to the ground, down but not out. "Ugh!" the man exclaims, "Machoke, you lazy oaf! Get up and use your Thunder Punch!"

Machoke nods and gets up with a groan. It prepares it's fist with lightning energy. It runs up to Pidgeotto and punches with all it's might. Pidgeotto, having thought he had won, doesn't expect this and is caught in the side of the head. He falls to the ground, paralyzed. "Finally!" The man says, "I'm gonna finish this thing off once and for all! Seismic Toss!" Machoke picks up the Paralyzed Pidgeotto and gets ready. Machoke crouches and builds up all it's power in it's legs, it leaps high into the air and flips upside down. It brings Pidgeotto down head first into the ground. Pidgeotto lies on the ground, close to fainting. "Pidgeotto!" Evan cries out as he pulls out his Pokeball, "I have to save him!" Mark puts his hand on Evan's arm. "Wait," he says, "Don't take him out yet!" Mark pulls out one of his own Pokeballs. "Chansey!" he says as he releases the Pokemon, "Use your egg to heal Pidgeotto!" Chansey pops out with a smile. She sees the injured Pidgeotto and her smile disappears. She pulls out her egg, cracks it, then proceeds to feed the contents to Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto gets up and thanks the Chansey with a bow. Mark returns Chansey to her ball. "Wow, thanks Mark!" Evan says. Mark nods and points at the field, "Focus on the battle, Evan. You almost have this won!" The man grins at the two of them. "So," he says, still grinning, "you think your chubby little Pokemon's egg will help you win? You're dreaming! Machoke, show them the strength of your Focus Punch!" Machoke crouches and charges it's power. "Now's your chance Evan!" Mark says. "Oh!" Evan says, "You're right! Pidgeotto, hit it with your Steel Wing!" Pidgeotto gets ready to attack and hardens his wing. Pidgeotto leaps up and flies straight at Machoke. "Machoke, now!" the man shouts. Machoke runs to the center of the field and brings it's fist up towards Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto does a little twirl and narrowly avoids the hit. He smashes directly into Machoke's face, finally fainting it. "Yeah!" Evan exclaims, "We Did it!" He returns Pidgeotto to his ball and walks up to the man. "Where'd Hart go?" He asks in an angry voice. The man returns Machoke to it's ball. "You're pretty good kid, you'll definitely get your Scizor back. The kid probably ran to the back arena, cause there's a door. Too bad it's broke, so he has nowhere to go. Good luck kid, I think you'd make a great Bandit!" The man gives a thumbs up to Evan, which Evan turns down. "I'd never be a thief like you guys," Evan says, "If I'm going to get a Pokemon, I want to get it fair and square, not steal it." Evan walks past him through the door.

The trio goes down a small hallway into what was supposed to be a large lobby of some sort. The tables and chairs had been moved to the sides, and an arena had been spray painted on the floor in the center of the room. Spotlights, stolen from a rock concert, lined the walls and shown bright white circles on the arena. They looked around and spotted Hart trying to open a door on the other side of the room. He rammed himself up against the door, which didn't even budge. Hart turns around and sees them. A look of disbelief spreads across his face. "How'd you get past Big Boss?" Hart asks them, "Nobody can beat him!" Mark smiles, "I guess we just did. Give Evan back his Scizor!" Hart looks at Mark, puzzled. "And who are you?" He asks. Mark pulls out his Pokeball. "I'm Mark, Jared's cousin and a new acquaintance of Evan's. I'm also the trainer who's going to beat you to a pulp if you don't give Evan back his Pokemon!" Hart laughs. "I'd just like to see that!" he says as he pulls out his Pokeballs, "My parents are rich. I only have the best Pokemon money can buy!" Evan then asks, "Wait, if your parents are so rich, and can buy you Pokemon, why would you go and steal Pokemon and join a gang?" Hart frowned, "Because," He says with his head turned low, "They don't care what I do. The first time I won a battle, they didn't care. First time I evolved a Pokemon, they still didn't care. So I'm not gonna care about them! I wanna be bad! I hope to one day own every strong Pokemon in the world, leaving nothing but weaklings for everyone. That's why I did this. Now, are you going to stand and ask questions, or are you going to battle?" Hart walks into the arena and stands at one end. "Let's do this, Mark." he says as he waits in the arena. Mark walks up and stands at the other end. "Let's." he says as he pulls out his Pokeball. "Gliscor, let's go!" He tosses his Pokeball and the Pokemon pops out. Hart pulls out his Pokeball. "Alright then, Golbat, attack!" He tosses his Pokeball and the bat quickly rushes at Gliscor, teeth bared. Gliscor blocks the strike with a quick swing of one of it's claws. "Gliscor, Poison Sting!" Gliscor nods and flies upwards. It turns downwards and fires a volley of stings down on Golbat. Golbat takes all the hits and shakes them off. "Hahah, you idiot!" Hart says, "Poison on a Poison type? I thought you were gonna be good! Golbat, use Supersonic!" Golbat turns it's head upwards and prepares to launch an attack. It suddenly shudders and falls a bit. "Wait, what happened?" Hart asks. Mark is the one laughing now, "It's called being poisoned. Gliscor's great at doing that. Now Gliscor, X Scissor!" Gliscor flies down to where Golbat is, claws crossed above it's head. It brings them down in an X shape, hitting Golbat directly and sending it to the ground. Golbat flaps it's wings weakly then faints.

Mark returns Gliscor to it's ball. "Good job, Gliscor." he says as he puts the ball away. "Wait a minute!" Hart shouts as he returns Golbat. "We're not done yet! Come on out Flareon!" He tosses his ball and Flareon pops out in a flurry of sparks. Mark pulls out a Pokeball. "So you have an Eevee-lution as well? I'll face you with my Umbreon!" He tosses his ball and Umbreon appears on the field. "Shall we then?" Mark asks. Hart nods with a look of determination on his face, "I'll go first, Flareon Flamethrower!" Flareon opens it's mouth and blasts a stream of fire at Umbreon. "Umbreon, counter with your Shadow Ball!" Umbreon launches it's own attack and the two blasts meet in an explosion of fire and darkness. "Urgh," Hart groans, "Flareon, Quick attack!" Flareon begins dashing at Umbreon. "Umbreon, you do the same!" Mark shouts as his Pokemon runs towards the foe.

To be continued in the next chapter:

Eevee-lution Battle!

((Well, that was the sixth chapter, hope you liked it. ^_^ Sorry it took a bit to publish, the forums got banned on my school laptop! D: So I have to write them and publish them at home on the weekends. Go ahead and comment, tell me any spelling/grammar errors, and give me some ideas for the next chapter.))
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see a lot of spelling errors lol and you mean chapter 6 right?
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Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
sixth...I know...I failed... @.@
To be fair though, I had this typed neatly on my laptop, then the site got banned, so I had to read and copy it on my other computer. It took me like 5 minutes to type, so sorry about the errors, point out a few and I'll attempt to fix them.
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"SHall we then?" Mark asks. "Hart nods with a look of determiniation on his face, "I'll go first, Flareon Flamethrower!"

There should be not a " right here next to Hart's name.

"Hahah, you idot!" Hart says, "Poison on a Poison type? I thought you were gonna be good! Golbat, use Supersonic!" Golbat turns it's head upwards and prepares to launch an attack.

You misspelled idiot.

There was another mistake.. I forgot where it was o.o
i like it

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