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Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda
Hey yea, I'm bringing Osama Bin Laden back, his evidence still lives on even if his presence is gone.

Lots of information revealed and he had plans to assassinate President Barack Obama too.

Link has been given.
Pfff.. I don't believe Smile
well, i can understand why people might not like obama......but necromancy on bin laden?lol
(2012-06-04, 04:29 PM)twinki Wrote: Pfff.. I don't believe Smile

is this actoually allowed to talk about here? i mean... its kind of like religion if you think about it.... but what do i know Tongue
[Image: mmorpgp.jpg]
My imaginary friend thinks you have serious mental problems!
why would we bring back Bin Laden? do u want him to make you his left-hand man? :=
I like your post.
Ok... What the hell?
Why is Obama?

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