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Option to 'NOT be Included for Ranking'
Hi guys!  I've not been around much lately and had a thought about the current ranking system.  What do you think about having box that you can 'Check' that would allow you to not be included in the daily ranking figures?  I might get back into the game more at a later point, but currently I am busy with other things.  I have been a looonnnnggg time player, therefore my rank is pretty high.  However, I do not feel it is fair to others who are currently more active to have such a high wall to climb, and right now the only ways to lower my rank would be to sell off my monsters and/or disperse them between a bunch of new accounts (which I do not want to do).  If I could just 'Check' myself out of the running, it would simplify things and allow me to keep my current account intact.
  Of course, this all depends upon Cefurkan, but I am curious about your thoughts!
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hmm i am thinking about a few pros and cons here 
and by the topic do u really mean from the entire system where no 1 can notice and also if this was to be implemented would it be the one self to opt himself out or would it be admin? a few more questions buzzing in my mind Huh
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Basically taking yourself out of the top trainers competition. What if everyone did that and there's no top trainers at all? Hehe.
but still
i highly dough anyone would do that one of the whole basis of this game is ranking and competition
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Sorry Char but I strongly don't support this because it would ruin the ranking system
I like this idea.. As I'm busy too and mostly quit due to changes that I dislike the idea of, I feel like other people deserve the rank I once had more than I do..
Resident noob
well it is not possible unfortunately due to many different reasons

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