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Obama gun control.
I would post this under debate section,but i had a debate with orboknown awhile back.I asked him if i was in but he didnt reply.

The topic is do you think Obamas plans about gun control are a good idea?Do you think hes overeaccting.Instead of banning guns should we just double security at schools?

Id like to hear what you have to say about the topic.
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Well there's a saying i've heard a lot "guns don't kill people,people do" basically imo i think that means,who cares if you take guns ? there are still knives and a bunch of other stuff,true it will be harder to kill people,but that doesn't mean it won't happen
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his going to give his inaugural address speech today
I don't think the presidents plans to ban guns is going to solve anything. If someone wants to hurt or kill someone else there are dozens of other still legal things they will use. Guns are just convenient. 

Personally I like the idea of armed police officers or security guards at schools.
he gave his was over at 4pm, atlantic time.
in my opinion, it doesn't matter what we regulate, people are going to find a way to get their hands on it...
also, if we do regulate guns, people will hold on more tightly to it...
all in all, i don't care Big Grin
As an outsider I think that gun control would be a good idea, to at least reduce the amount of guns being carried...sure there are always gonna be guns but that doesn't mean introducing laws to control it would be pointless, as it would still at least discourage possession of firearms maybe by increasing punishments if you are caught illegally possessing a gun. And in terms of security at schools it would again be helpful to control crime and reduce murders at schools..but that doesn't protect the rest of the country. Introducing gun controls would be effective nationwide. And using the excuse that it wouldn't solve anything because there are other ways..well it's like saying that making 1 type of drug illegal would be pointless because there are other drugs which could achieve similar effects...banning one wouldn't be perfect but it'd be a step in the right direction.
Another example of gun crime
i love talking in circles, do you, irem? Tongue
Not particularly.
i agree with viperianw, but what bothers me is that i do think people are overreacting, and are forgetting about the economy, which is still not doing well.
Ok,being a active hunter, i think that(like snes said) its not gonna change. If they ban assault weapons, there are many things a weapons producer can do to a gun to not make it, legally a assault weapon. Imo its not gonna change a thing.
(2013-01-21, 11:07 PM)Snes Wrote: i agree with viperianw, but what bothers me is that i do think people are overreacting, and are forgetting about the economy, which is still not doing well.
yeah...wouldn't we be spending more money on labor and such for regulating guns? production costs may also go up
i favor total prohibition of private gun ownership, but it is not something that can easily be accomplished in a short time especially with the haranguing critics out there. it is also difficult to ensure zero illegal ownership. my opinion is that the current move now by Obama is mainly to assuage the horrified people out there, nothing to do with what's right or wrong. doing something like that amidst a debilitating economy is worrying. unemployment figures might deceptively show lower figures and US stocks heading the bull, but it really is as fragile as before or worse. just a gimmick that helicopter Ben Bernanke does. politics usually have nothing to do with what's right or wrong, but merely pleasing the very people who put them in power. i sound like a nerd now, so i'm stopping <.<

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oh, and heightened security in schools might terrify children. might. yes, people work the guns, but with a gun at hand, one might just be tempted to pull the trigger when he becomes emotionally challenged. a knife would deter potential extremists. i wouldn't steal your Pagani Huayra if you didn't leave the door wide open and engine ready to go unattended <.<
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