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Norwegian Teacher Assistant
A girl around 20 years which i know happened to mess up really bad for her self last week.

It all started with a field trip with one of the classes. This girl is a teacher assistant. Anyway, something
happened out there, and the next day, this message was written on a students Facebook wall:

"I will crush your face, and you will drown in your own blood" - Unnamed teacher assistant

a couple hours later, she was fired... Not exactly the smartest girl i know, having that said...
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
cool thats great lol
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
(2012-02-08, 02:32 PM)staff vidyasagar Wrote: cool thats great lol
Great, yeah.. Really great^^
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
this is not world news..and there is no link..locking thread.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.

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