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No Rank update for 3 days

I have been stuck on the rank 296 for 3 day's now. I hardly doubt i
could keep the same rank for that long, that has never
happened to me before. Explanation?
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i have been able to stay the same rank for a couple of days before no glitch to me unless you provide more explanation as to how you couldn't have stayed the same rank ex: transferring monsters buying new monsters selling monsters things like that.
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If you were stuck on the same rank for 3 days, then that means you haven't done better or you did and the people surrounding your rank did at least the same amount of work you did.

See if your rank will change tomorrow , you can test by leaving only your starter on your account and
observe if your rank will go down >_>
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rank has been changing, mine has anyways
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Credits to SparrowHawk
rankings seems like updating normally
mine has updated every day like normal
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4 days now, and still keeping my same rank...
Something weird is happening...

Gold increasing does change you rank too, right? because i have
been gaining some money for the past days, and i sold 2 of my monsters on the second of these four days
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The Vikings Will Rampage.
not nearly as much as monsters do.
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Day 5, and finally updating again Smile
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The Vikings Will Rampage.

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