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Ok, so I fully recognize that we've got too many moves right now, and that a lot of them are junk. I also realize many of you read the title and immediately thought, "oh great, we've got too many moves right now, and a lot of them are junk." Like I said, I'm right there with you.

The good news is, as I understand it, move pools are in the process of being edited and cleaned-up. So I figure, if that's the case, then there's no better time for us to pitch some ideas, and maybe something will come of it. Now I'm not just going to suggest a new 156BP fire move with lots of accuracy and whatever. My suggestions here are ones that I think would benefit the game by adding some variety to build strategies and battling. So here we go!

#1) Moves that inflict positive status effects on your monster.

Statuses like Burn, Poison, and Bleeding not only decrease 10% of you HP each turn they also negatively affect your stats for the duration. (see for description) In theory the positive statuses these moves would inflict could act as counters to negative status effects and would work similarly to the current statuses (randomly for up to 5 turns).

Potentially they could:
-> inflict a status that heals your monster 10%HP each turn.
-> buff your stats for the duration (Bleeding decreases 15% of Defense and Special Defense, so one could do the opposite, though that might in fact be underpowerd)
-> buff accuracy, evasion, crit. chance for the duration
-> prevent negative (or all other) status effects for the duration

It would take a little bit of planning to balance them out (especially in regards to how much of a stat boost some would give) but inherently they wouldn't be overpowered because of the unpredictability of the duration (anywhere from 1 to 5 turns).

#2) Moves that swap status effects.

We've already got moves that swap buffs, so why not status effects? It would potentially add a new dimension to battles. I can already think of some interesting ways it could be employed. (Added benefit: if #1 is implemented you could steal positive status effects.)

#3) Negative status recoil moves.

Ok, before you start bashing this idea hear me out. The current recoil moves are only good for killing that perfect monster you just found before you could catch it. No one actually uses them in their own set-ups, they're just too dangerous. The concept though is interesting.

You have a higher BP move with good accuracy, but there's a trade off, it hits back. Now what if you didn't have to worry about KOing yourself in the process? What if the worry was switched over to having to deal with being confused or paralyzed for a few turns? Maybe landing this hit might poison me, but that's sure better than landing a nice 700 DMG crit and losing most of your health.

I guess, not having recoil might be preferred, but again, I can think of some strategies or potential builds where these would be very useful.

#4) Moves that reflect damage.

There's a few different ways these could work, but the general premise is that the damage your opponent would have done to you is actually done to them.

Potential Implementations:
-> Priority +1 1BP move that if it lands before the opponent's does, damage is entirely inflicted on the opponent. (ie. if opponent would have done 150 damage to you, but your move landed first, that 150 damage is down to their monster) Accuracy would have to be lowish on this type of move so that it would be a little bit unreliable, but, again, it would add an element of strategy to the game.

-> Priority -1 1000acc move that causes the damage from the opponent's next move to be reflected. Gives the opponent a chance to react, if they're paying attention, but is also a 100% reliable defensive move.

There are other ways this idea could be implemented, but I think I've communicated the general concept of it. (Note: doesn't necessarily have to reflect all of the incoming damage.)

#5) More priority +2 moves

So this isn't really a new type of move being suggested... but as it stands I can't think of more than 1 priority +2 move... while there's a few -2 priority moves. Increasing the number of these moves, could shift us away from a dependence on prior +1 moves. Again, also increases strategy in battle.

So those are the suggestions I have. Feel free to pitch your own as well (but think them through a bit first! and explain how they'd work too) Also feel free to pick my suggestions apart. Remember though, they're not meant to be game breakers.
Love everything about this thread and the suggestions. Well done Tom.

I'd also like to suggest that we add a move that only debuffs the using monster stats.
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We need more priority moves, in v1 we had like +5 priority move called chase down
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
well we may add new ideas
totally depends on how new moves are planned and that goes to knost
also programmable or not that also matters Big Grin
(2013-07-19, 01:49 AM)CeFurkan Wrote: also programmable or not that also matters Big Grin

That's a good point for us to keep in mind. I feel my suggestions should be quite easily programmed... though perhaps the reflect one would be a bit more difficult.

Do you at least like these ideas? (whether or not they'll be implemented)
What about moves like sky slash(v1). That never misses...I herd they were taken out of v2 y not re add them?
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(2013-07-19, 04:10 AM)War Wrote: What about moves like sky slash(v1). That never misses...I herd they were taken out of v2 y not re add them?

They were fun, yes. But you couldn't pvp without them. So, for that reason, I'm personally not a fan.
Yes, I love these ideas Smile We're editing moves now, so we can add new effects etc. Smile

Good job..
^^Thanks for this signature to SparrowHawk^^
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(2013-07-19, 09:25 AM)heatshot Wrote: Yes, I love these ideas Smile  We're editing moves now, so we can add new effects etc. Smile

Good job..

No reason for you to be editing moves Heat. I have all that covered lol 

Don't waste your time Smile
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
lol i love these ideas awesome

and keep it up knost were counting on you
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welp knost guess we talk and decide then talk to cef to see if it is doable then we add if it is
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Monster Of The Hidden Mist
I support, you have some great ideas Tom!
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
some very good idea's in my opinion, they should be in the game soon, Smile
great ideas tom and u do great job here Wink
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