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New Monster concepts! - January.25.2015
Hello again! I'm back with some monster concepts that soon will be updated to the game!

First off you remember that last time I asked your opinion for the replacements for Brightrick and Tanuknight. As I wasn't sure to
change the concept, I sticked with the Tanuki (Raccoon) design.

A Light type monster is always a challanging one as we don't want any more object based monsters in the game, and in nature there are limited number of light sources. But as Raccoons are mostly noctural animals, I choose the stars as the base of the concept Smile Hope you will like it.

[Image: raccorona_raccorona___monster_mmorpg_new...8fbsfy.png]

For the next one, I had to make an Ice/Steel monster that I really had a good inspiration for. I'm a fan of big cats and this was the chance to draw one. And if one why not too? I combined my favorite parts of the saber toothed cat and the snow leaopards to create this nice looking monster. Hope you will love it as I do Big Grin

[Image: chitet_and_forms___monster_mmorpg_new_co...8fbspt.png]

And finally but not last, I had to maka a replacement for the Housecat/Broom/Witch based Dark/Fighting monster Magicat.

I liked the original concept too, but I felt like a Dark/Fighting monster
needs to be something else than a Witch, exspecially because there are males of this monster too. I found my final inspiration by combining the famous Cheshirecat with the form of a Jester.

[Image: cubhire_and_forms___monster_mmorpg_new_c...8fbrql.png]

Hope you enjoy them Big Grin Let me know in the comments below
i love them all Heart
really coolBig Grin
Amazing! can't wait to see what you do nextBig Grin
Whats up brochachoConfused
Nice workSmile
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]

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