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New Monster concepts! - January.11.2015
Hello Everyone! It's been a while, wasn't it? Big Grin

I am back with a few redrawings, hope that you will like them.
Also, I'm working on the next ones. But later about that,
let me show you what are my latest additions to the game.

[Image: wartorch_and_forms____monster_mmorpg_new...8dhjmk.png]

It wasn't an easy decision with this one, as we have other hog based monsters, but at the end, I didn't wanted to upset the fans of the original concept, so I just redesigned it in my own style

[Image: barmodo_and_siegeragon____monster_mmorpg...8dhiwa.png]
I'm always happy to draw dragons Big Grin I don't know why.

Now about the next project, I need to create a replacement for the following monster and it's second form:
[Image: 800-Brightrick.png]
[Image: 801-Tanuknight.png]

I am not sure if I should keep the original concept of the raccoon, or I should make a totally new monster based on another animal. I am listening to your suggestions. What animal is that you hope to see instead of Brightrick and Tanuknight that would fit the light type.
Leave a comment below Blush
cool monstersTongue
Hey Robert if you want to use any of my monsters you can. oh and what might work is a honey badger.
Idea Helping helps.Big Grin
Whats up brochachoConfused
i think i'll keep the raccoon style for himTongue
(just what I personly think)
great job robert  these are great i love the gargoyle one because that is really orginal
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