Poll: What Insect/Bug/Arthropods should I base the remake of Mantyrant on? (More option avaible)
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It should stay Mantis
Other (Comment)
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New Monster Rewamps - Please Comment! -VOTE
Why HELLO my dear friends! It's been I while I had to work, but finally
I got around to make some redesings.

Here are the two latest ones, the first Is the redesing for Shellion:
[Image: shellion_redesing___monster_mmorpg_by_he...7eapac.png]
I tried to make the desing a little more Monster/Dino like, rather than the original cartoonish desing. Hope you like it!

The second is Chromeleon:
[Image: chromeleon_redesing___monster_mmorpg_by_...7eaqpv.png]
For this one I tried something simples, and since the desing itself was so simple, I worked a little bit more on the texture to compensate. Also I had problems with making the design Electric type looking, so I had to transform the horns into a Tazer shaped horn. Hope you like this as well.

Now I would like to have your opinion on another design as well. Even though I didn't had time yet to make sketches, the next monster that I will redesing, will be Mantyrant:
[Image: monster_mantyrant_pokemon_fakemon_game_m...5v2qiy.png]

Another Bug/Fighting Monster.

Now there are other Mentis based monster, so I thought about changing it's base bug.
I already made a Beetle monster, even tough I didn't intended it, it also looks like fighter type, so I can't use that. So I'm going to ask what you want, what Insect/Bug/Arthropods should I base the remake of Mantyrant on.
-It should stay Mantis
-Other (Comment)

(More options are avaible, you don't have to choose only one if you have more likings)

Thank you very much Big Grin
awesome drawings Big Grin and i vote for scorpion
Those are awesome work bro. Good job.
/vote stay mantis
That guy should become our resident Scyther. Keep it as a mantis with bladed arms.
Constantly dying yet never dead

Scorpion duh..
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
Y Scorpion
[Image: monster_mantyrant_pokemon_fakemon_game_m...5v2qiy.png]
Tis so mantisy. Also, its name is Mantyrant.
Mantis - Tyrant
Scorpion? @.@
Constantly dying yet never dead
Maybe you should combine 2 different bugs
Whats up brochachoConfused
those are awesome remakes  you should definitly remake mantyrant as well Smile really like the shellion Wink
i love it as mantis just new redrawing Big Grin

and oh theyre awesome
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
I would love to see it remade as a giant army ant Smile
Made by me :3

[Image: v75tw2.jpg]
its so beautiful, im gonna cry Sleepy
[Image: Page%202.png]
Thank you everyone for the nice comments! Big Grin
I glad you liked these redesigns!

After seeing the result of the voting I started working on the new version for Mantyrant. Since many didn't agreed with changing it's theme from Mantis, yet others would welcome the change, I tried to mix the two. I couldn't include Scorpion or Grasshopper, but I promise, I will try doing those next time Blush
great job m8 i like ur work Wink
[Image: attachment.php?aid=446]
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The more monsters you view here My Singing Monsters, the more inspiration you should have for your own
Since Mantyrant already has a mantis theme, you can explore different species of mantises for inspiration. Look for unique features, subway surfers colors, or patterns that could differentiate the redesign from the original.
Nice post.
cool! very good content and very useful.
easy to understand and very useful.
Love your topic.
Relearning these games after a long hiatus has been fun, and I've seen an improvement in overall quality of life.
I think your redesign for Shellion is a significant improvement. The more monster/dino-like appearance gives it a unique and interesting look. The detailing and texture on the shell are nicely done. The transformation from a more cartoonish design to a realistic one is well-executed retro bowl

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