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Alright, it's not a legendary or an ancient... Just a simple low-ranked monster. It's name is not yet confirmed but, maybe Vamptrix? It's an electric type that I plan to create a second form for. The second form will be an electric and steel type.

Here is my drawing of the monster:
[Image: IMG_20130629_213355_zps05610322.jpg]
The colors are also not determined at the moment.... Critiscm and ideas are greatly appreciated.
Aw, he's cute! ^_^
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D'awwwww! Heart
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Thank youSmile
cuteBig Grin
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Haha thank you^^
I really want to OWN one of those right now...... Heart
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Way to go Eileen ;-)
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that looks cool :3
Quordle have you tried playing this famous game?

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