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New Monster FINISHED
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjk8wO2t6sHmKt_B-_FtO...vOjUyihBSc]
Exacuway '-'
Hi, my name is garbagekeeper, and my ability to name things is slim to none
Hi my name is Rake, if you need name inspiration i'd be glad to help Smile
You dare Challenge ME ?

i love the legendaries :o
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[Image: 2vkc4nq.gif]
nice new monsters
Hi my name is Zach, im a concept artist in training >.>
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
My favorites are Quetzaztec and the day/night dragons. Dragonoon and Nightheos are very similar to Solord and Lunardian, but maybe that's why I like them.
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Epic mons
I want to bump this thread.. For those who haven't seen the non-added monsters to the game made by GarbageKeeper :o
(2012-04-22, 09:36 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote:
(2011-12-09, 12:15 AM)garbagekeeper Wrote: And front page monsters had to be moved to here. And those above -^ would be my ancient contributions.

DAY 1 [November 25, 2011]
[Image: update1.png]

"Ghastly Hound" - Hadevil: The Flame Monster. Dark/Fire Type. Does Not Evolve.
"Desert Bird" - Desun: The Sunny Monster. Fighting/Flying Type. Evolves into Horuxor. ->
"Pharaoh Bird" - Horuxor: The Sun Monster. Fighting/Flying Type. Does not Evolve.

DAY 2 [November 26, 2011]
[Image: update2.png]
"Banana Bomb" - Banaby: The Monkey Monster. Grass/Steel Type. Evolves into Banablast->
"Bomb Gorilla" - Banablast: The Bomb Monster. Grass/Steel Type. Does not Evolve.

[Image: update3.png]
"Little Fairy" - Spiriry: The Nature Monster. Grass/Light Type. Evolves into Elfairy ->
"Forest Guardian" - Elfairy: The Guardian Monster. Grass/Light Type. Does not Evolve.

DAY 3 [November 27, 2011]
[Image: update4.png]

"Black Cat" - Magicat: The Magic Monster. Dark Type. Evolves into Broomoon->
"Just In Time For Halloween" - Broomoon: The Cat Monster. Dark Type. Evolves into Hallowitch ->
"Curse Maker" - Hallowitch: The Witch Monster. Dark/Fighting Type. Does Not Evolve.

[Image: update5.png]

"Powder Snow" - Puffrost: The Snowflake Monster. Ice Type. Evolves into Puffreeze->
"Snow Cloud" - Puffreeze: The Snow Monster. Ice Type. Evolves into Freezeve ->
"Artic Blast" - Freezeve: The Blizzard Monster. Ice Type. Does not Evolve.

DAY 4 [November 29, 2011]
[Image: update6.png]

"Black Dog" - Appuppy: The Darkness Monster. Dark Type. Evolves into Bargevil ->
"Black Shuck" - Bargevil: The Nightmare Monster. Dark Type. Does not Evolve.

[Image: update7.png]

"Mischievous Raccoon" - Brightrick: The Light Monster. Light Type. Evolves into Tanuknight ->
"Strange Trickster" - Tanuknight: The Good Dream Monster. Light Type. Does Not Evolve.

DAY 5 [November 30, 2011]
[Image: update8.png]

"Bridge Keeper" - Greeyed: The Worried Monster. Dark Type. Evolves into Iagoat ->
"Envious Schemer" - Iagoat: The Suspicious Monster. Dark Type. Evolves into Jealothello ->
"Beware the Green Eyed Jealousy" - Jealothello: The Jealousy Monster. Dark Type. Does Not Evolve

[Image: update9.png]

"Warlock" - Wyrmage: The Little Dragon Monster. Fighting Type. Evolves into Waroyal ->
"Battle Mage"- Waroyal: The Spell Caster Monster. Fighting/Dragon Type. Does Not Evolve

DAY 6 [December 1, 2011]
[Image: update10.png]

"Iron Lion" - Liron: The Guard Monster. Steel Type. Evolves into Knigriffon ->
"Loyal Knight" - Knigriffon: The Knight Monster. Steel/Flying Type. Evolves into Kingriffon ->
"Regal King" - Kingriffon: The King Monster. Steel/Flying Type. Does Not Evolve.

[Image: update11.png]

"Ember Lizard" - Gilaze: The Ember Monster. Fire Type. Evolves into Gilizard ->
"Fire Salamander" - Gilizard: The Molten Monster. Fire/Steel Type. Evolves into Gilosion ->
"Subterranean Inferno" - Gilosion: The Subterranean Monster. Fire/Steel Type. Does not evolve.

DAY 7 [December 2, 2011]
[Image: update12.png]

"Cold Cave" - Coppel: The Cool Monster. Steel Type. Evolves into Shiron ->
"Metal Ice" - Shiron: The Cold Monster. Steel Type. Evolves into Helitanium ->
"Sub Zero" - Helitanium: The Freezing Monster. Steel/Ice Type. Does Not Evolve

[Image: update13.png]

"Arctic Fox" - Vulpirit: The Fox Monster. Ice/Ghost Type. Evolves into Youkairit ->
"Ice Spirit" - Youkairit: The Chill Monster. Ice/Ghost Type. Does Not Evolve.
"Plague Bringer" - Plagubonic: The Plague Monster. Poison/Dark Type. Does Not Evolve.

DAY 8 [December 3, 2011]
[Image: update14.png]

"Wildfire" - Blazanzee: The Singe Monster. Fire Type. Evolves into Bablaze ->
"Savannah Burner" - Bablaze: The Wildfire Monster. Fire/Grass Type. Does Not Evolve

[Image: update15.png]

"Mysterious Striped Cat" - Alicat: The Grin Monster. Dark Type. Evolves into Chesane ->
"Yet Another One of Alice's Cats" - Chesane: The Crazy Monster. Dark Type. Does not Evolve.

DAY 9 [December 4, 2011]
[Image: update16.png]

"Atomic Bomb" - Falloud: The Bomb Monster. Poison Type. Evolves into Warnuke ->
"Nuclear Winter" - Warnuke: The Disaster Monster. Poison/Steel Type. Does not Evolve

[Image: update17.png]

"Little Predictor" - Repathy: The Weather Monster. Psychic Type. Evolves into Medragon ->
"All Seeing Dragon" - Medragon: The Knowing Monster. Psychic/Dragon Type. Does not Evolve.

DAY 10 [December 5, 2011]
[Image: update18.png]

"Crying Spook" - Spookry: The Sad Monster. Ghost Type. Evolves into Hauntom ->
"Haunting Spirit" - Hauntom: The Singing Monster. Ghost Type. Evolves into Banscreech ->
"Wailing Doom" - Banscreech: The Screech monster. Ghost Type. Does not Evolve.

[Image: update19.png]

"Little Monster" - Demoni: The Trick Monster. Dark/Fire Type. Evolves into Onievous ->
"Oriental Monster" - Onievous: The Mischievous Monster. Dark/Fire Type. Evolves into Youkanabo ->
"Human Stealer" - Youkanabo: The Ogre Monster. Dark/Fire Type. Does not Evolve.

i like the monsters, but some of the species names are way too wordy.
I like all of the monsters and I'm excited for these! There is just one little thing I noticed while looking at the new mons and the Monsterdex as a whole. There are too many dragons and woofs (wolf, fox, dog) monsters. I know I'm going to have millions of tomatoes thrown at me, but it is true. There is nothing wrong with them and I like them but there are a LOT of them. I'd give creature suggestions but I don't want to stifle the creative team. Plus I'm saving all my really good ideas for myself Wink
all of these look really cool. I wish I had artistic capabilities like that.
Nice i love it
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Can I try drawing some of these?
(2015-06-07, 03:04 PM)Monkey D. Luffi Wrote: Can I try drawing some of these?

sure go try
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