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New Monster Concepts Update
I was asked to replace some monsters, that were quite tricky.

First of I had to create something to replace Chimeros. Since, Chimeros's desing stayed in the game, I couldn't just make my version of the mythical monster, that would like having the same monster twice in the game. So, since Monster #1515 is a Dragon type, I choose to make a Dragon-like monster that still has the characteristics of a feline or canine. So here it is: Vulragon
[Image: vulragon___monster_mmorpg_new_concept_by...7hxync.png]
The next monster was something new for the owners of Tailight,
a Fire and Light type monkey. I felt like the original desing didn't showed off these natural elements enough. So I choose to combine light with fire, making a monster covered in white flames-like fur.
Here it is: Sunucinus
[Image: sunucinus___monster_mmorpg_new_concept_b...7hxz6x.png]

And least but not last, I had to oppurtunity to rework a bug monster.
Previously, I promised to make a grasshopper or scorpion monster, I felt like that the Moundible owners would be more happier with a Scorpion one. Don't worry bros and sisters, a grasshopper monster will come soon enough Smile But until that, here is Scorspion:
[Image: scorspion___monster_mmorpg_new_concept_b...7hxzjz.png]

Hope you like the new monsters! Big Grin
WOW DUDE, these drawings are SO incredibru it is incredibru!
The detail!
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[Image: Gavel-Outside-w.jpg]
I am speechless. I wish if I was this good, but man you inspired me so much to get better. Thank you.
Excellent! Excellent, excellent, excellent! Fabulous work!
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Awesome design's I really really like bug monster, you rock Big Grin
[Image: c3c7af5845b6f0a44f4245dc05598bd4.gif]
Really good designs, details all over, i love it.

Sunucinus however, does not look like a fire type at all.. rather a Normal/Light.. I would not add him as a fire type myself. But the design is really good.
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
[Image: Page%202.png]
they look amazaing but they are too big for my screen to show fully
awesomeBig Grin
okay they fit now thanks robert
[Image: 20230703_155353.jpg]
no gif avvys plz
Looks great
NICE! Sorry i didnt see this thread in the past. Confused must have missed it.
I like the monkey and scorpiooon
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
Monkey...I want that..!!!
[Image: 584f6104837917bcad2cf59d7aaa8f9e.jpg]

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