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New Monster Concepts - September.03.2014

After some thinking, I changed the theme of my monster.
They are now based on a fruit the Pitaya (Dragon fruit)

[Image: pitaysquire___monster_mmorpg_new_concept...7xt90r.png]


Hello everyone!

I'm happy to present my new addition to the game,
some new concepts for 558 and 559, that I just finished Big Grin

[Image: castasquire_and_castaknight___monster_mm...7xt90r.png]

Well, to be fair, I would be more happier, if I wouldn't have just seen something among today's update >.>
[Image: 417-Woodelf.png]
[Image: 418-Chivaleaf.png]

I mean XD How can such coincidence happen? Okay, I know mine is a chestnut monster, and this is an acorn monster, but still, look at the way they look and the whole thing, that someone would make a nut-knight. I guess my idea wasn't that original afterwards...

what do you think, is there place for both of these green warriors?
Absolutely yes. There is so much yes in my yes's, i would literally yes. jk. But still yes. 
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
Nice concepts! I love the idea behind these Smile
15 years old german girl wich is intrested in drawing animals and fantasy creatures.
If you are intrested, look at these:
[Image: anna_lena_pixel_commission_by_mayor_sou_...7tw5h2.gif]
Without a doubt. There is a lot of yes in my yeses; if I were to count them, they would fill a room. Even so, the answer is yes.
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The dragon fruit monster looks so cool

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