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New Incoming Maps - Massive Project
If it won't...
*This is following Shoshinryu's Ancient Ruins suggestions*
While going down the long way to the bottom, where the ancient Monster Prysma is located, Rock discovers a large number of trainers, guarding the path. Rock defeats the trainers, one by one, and heals at the bottom of the cave. He hunts for hours and hours, growing weaker and weaker. He also realizes that the wild monsters are extremely fast, being impossible to run away from. He sees that he ran out of items, forcing him to go back to the surface, to heal in the local Monster center. He is very tired and decides to go to sleep, continuing the search on the next day.
*CeFurkan resets the NPC battles*
Rock begins to go down again, realizing that he needs to beat the trainers again on his way down.

My reaction: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-!!!!!!!

But, then again, the thrill is gone Sad
Constantly dying yet never dead
I can't wait to see these maps filled with players and NPCs! There is a Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past sprite in the psychic arena. Was this intentional?
So when will this be taking place ?
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Very, very soon Big Grin Maybe in half a month?
Constantly dying yet never dead
the maps look perfect, really awesome, when is the beta version?
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