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New Giga's For Summer 2016
Hi Guys!! ^^ I've made new Giga designs for some monsters in this game...


[Image: giga_rubtilia_by_raymasterxd-d9y3q5l.png]

And we also have


[Image: giga_pegurush_by_raymasterxd-d9y3qio.png]   

Hope you guys like it^^

Version 2 = My Very Own Monster + its Giga Form

Thundros - Electric + Dragon ( +444 )

[Image: thundros_by_raymasterxd-d9y3zly.jpg]


[Image: giga_thundros_by_raymasterxd-d9y3zza.png]

Maybe that's all for today^^
Still making more designs you comment your ideas about the monster that should be drawn.
Word upfront : For ethical reasons CeF wants only the Original Artists to draw Gigas for their Monsters.

However, since we need new Gigas and you got some mad talent there i suggest; 
Draw your own Monsters and draw Gigas for them... seeing your amazing artwork on PP and on here, there shouldn't be a problem getting them in as Zen or higher.

Now to do some critique....

1) Dislike the "real" drawing style, overall tho, interesting concept and great artwork. 
Looks more like a ... poison lizard than a ruby Dragon tho :p

2) A Pegasus transforming into an amored angel mermaid? No, just no.
Overall, the concept is sweet, ultra sweet infact, but doesn't look anything like pegurush except for coloring ^^ 
Keep the current design and do a seraphim like giga to it, always had a fable for some mad heavy amored warrior angels Big Grin 

On the other hand, back then,  CeF refrained from using Mythological/Religious Names / Designs.... seeing loads of stuff like that tho, he might've dropped that. 

Continue them sick works man !
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Hahaha^^ Well i can make my own monsters and make their giga's^^
Updated Thundros and Giga-Thundros
Holy divinity.... sweet!  
Like really sweet,  keep it up!
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
(2016-04-07, 03:28 AM)Galliant Wrote: Holy divinity.... sweet!  
Like really sweet,  keep it up!

Thank you Galliant^^Big Grin
Nice art workHeart

Maybe we can add your two monster in game as new monster not as gega Tongue

Nice work Big Grin
well i am having doubt about validity of this artworks unfortunately

for example this artwork seems like stolen :

please prove that you are the author

which software do you use to draw?
Please don't take images off Google and claim you drew/designed them.
That's how you get me mad at you, and you do not want that.
Thanks for sharing.
Games sites
Impressive new design for this game, I like it. I believe I will create the eggy car.

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