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New Directions for Monster MMORPG
Hello guys. I'm a newcomer to the game, and I have some ideas that might help it move along.

Subscription to Remove Ads: I am attempting to do a redesign of the GUI for fun and removing the ads would be huge. Also, they're annoying. How about a subscription to remove them? If you like Monster MMORPG, you might consider supporting it with money. Doing so allows CeFurkan to develop more stuff for it. What would you pay as a subscription to remove ads for MMORPG as it is now? What if more stuff were added?

Iron Man Mode: This is an attempt to make the monsters we catch mean more. Iron Man Mode (IMM) is set up in seasons that last 1 year. The last month or two of the year is the tournament mode. In tournament mode, you register online to participate. Participants are then placed in a single-elimination bracket with other participants. The twist is that once your monster faints, the monster is removed from your team forever. They are replaced with an amount of gold (and perhaps other things) for their Trainers. Monsters who do not faint the entire season are recorded in a Hall of Fame for the season. At the end of the season, 10 of the monsters who fainted during the tournament will be awarded to Trainers who lost the tournament. The winner of the tournament keeps his existing monsters for next season and is awarded a certain amount of gold and other stuff. 

The cool thing about this is that it gives a new reason to go out and hunt/trade for monsters. As it stands now, it seems that there is no real value to monsters after capturing them. PVP with Trainers who keep playing with nearly unbeatable monsters will always choose those monsters. The chance to lose them ups the stakes a little more and evens the playing field out. Giving the monsters unique names sets up for a kind of gladitorial feel for things. Imagine "Orkster," the undefeated monster for 3 tournaments. Imagine the feeling of beating him on the fourth year.

There's lots of stuff to be worked out for this, but what do you guys think?
Iron man:
1 year is to long and not that many people do pvp
Thanks for the reply and the criticism. It would be great if you could provide some solutions or propositions to your points.

It's kind of the point that people don't do PVP, right? It's not interesting in this set up. There's no purpose to do PVP other than to do it. Iron Man can make things interesting. So a year is too long, but that's not really the biggest part of Iron Man, is it? It can easily be 6 months or every month. The point is to change things to make it more interesting.
I couldn't agree more with the idea presented in the io games post, it's an excellent point that resonates with me.
You must have put a lot of effort into writing this article.
This is a common feature in many games and wordle apps, and it could definitely be useful for players who find the ads annoying. The price of a subscription would depend on how much the developer wants to charge and how many players are willing to pay for it.
I will share this post to my friend
Thanks, cool
The idea of permanently losing a monster when it faints adds a strategic element and creates value for the monsters players heardle capture. It also encourages players to actively hunt and trade for new monsters. The concept of a tournament and Hall of Fame adds a competitive aspect and gives players recognition for their achievements.
Thanks, cool
The concept of permanently losing a monster when it faints adds a geometry dash strategic element while also creating value for monster players.
I like this post

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