Poll: Should we have pvp ranking system
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Keep as it
Add Second Ranking System like elo system
Replace the current ranking system for the new pvp ranking system.
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Need of a Ranking System
The current ranking system just u getting lot of monster or and money with different kind and u will be on the top easy. 
I don;t mind that but i would like a second ranking system with for pvp like elo system or something of that sort.
Sorry, doesn't have an immediate use for me. Not that I'm saying it's a bad idea.
Plus, you come up with an idea that others have been talking about in game, but why won't you explain your idea.
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I think cef should add a pvp board for every player where wins and losses are counted. Thats all i would change imo.
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PvP rank was on at one point, but since the PvP system was not implemented, it was removed, I think it should replace Wild Battle Flee IMHO, that is a useless rank.
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Again, maybe this is viable? I need more revisions by different people though. PvP-ers might not have time to go racking up DMS, so a separate rank for PvP alone would really help them.
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It should be fed back to the game team. Maybe they can fix it.
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