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Need a signature, avatar, banner or a gif check out this thread!
Hey my name on the game is captinfunk, I only joined yesterday and I already love this game. I have a basic knowledge of photoshop and I want to show off some of my skills and the perfect way to do it is create a thread so here I am. I will take requests from people and then design their signature, their banner or what ever they want, i've already had a request from a player i've already forgotten the name of lol and here it is.


50k/1 zenith for avatar
100k/2 zenith for signature
200k/3 zenith/1 legendary for a banner

100k/2 zenith for a gif avatar
200k/4 zenith/1 legendary+1 zenith for a gif signature
400k/6 zenith/ 2 legendary for a gif banner
(Prices will raise the more requests I get)

[Image: 4jqmib.jpg]

Here is my signature that I made let me know if you want 1 similar Big Grin

[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]

Here is my profile pic let me know if you want 1 similar Big Grin

[Image: sql89l.jpg]

This is a signature that was requested by Zacherymattews

[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]

Here is a signature requested by Rayquaza_master hope you like it ray Big Grin

[Image: 2luugee.jpg]

Sorry shadow this is a bit late but here it is what you requested. ENJOY!

[Image: 2m4p376.jpg]

Here is something I am entering into a competition what do you think?

[Image: fzaofq.jpg]

This is a avatar for Brachpour enjoy :-)

[Image: 6qcn77.jpg]

This is a new guild banner that I made for santys guild SANTY SQUAD RULES!!!!!!

[Image: 35k1qmh.jpg]

Here is an upgraded version of the banner I made for santy squad!

[Image: 2i1crqo.jpg]

Here is your signature dragon master 21 P.S I did not make background I just added the writting on top.

[Image: vhp2p.jpg]
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
Nice... Maybe you can make a nice title banner for or guild...
But i first want to see what you can do for other people first ^^
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
Thank you i'll be making plenty more soon :-)
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
can you make one with morbite and martigor for me plz
(2014-05-12, 04:30 PM)shadowananime Wrote: can you make one with morbite and martigor for me plz

sure Big Grin
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
could u make me one with gigerath and grasilisk in the pic and whatever font. thx
(2014-05-12, 05:32 PM)Rayquaza_master Wrote: could u make me one with gigerath and grasilisk in the pic and whatever font. thx

sure I will try and get it in as soon as possible but busy doing some training right now once my monsters are leveled up a bit ill get right on it :-)
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
Type: Signature
Background: Starry Outer Space
Name: DarkCrusader in purple, just like your signature
Monsters: Nightheos on the left, Serperror on the right.
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Made some more hope you like themBig Grin
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
Soon I will be charging for banners signatures and avatars
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
is mine going to be free
Yes it will shadow

Now they cost just because each second I spend making something that has been requested takes away training time so what you pay is an exchange for taking away training time but each monster or money you give does help so thank you :-)
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
Hey it sounds like a great idea, but right now i can neither afford to pay in cash or with any monsters. So in the future i may ask for a logo made u for me with dragons on it but right now sorry but can't afford it, but hey the site sound like it will be a hit hope it does make it for you.
[Image: vhp2p.jpg]
Ok thanks :-)
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
Hey listen. because i like the avatar of sale. I want you to make this if you can.

For my avatar
* U use the only monster decesile in the center
* Black space like background thing behind it (maybe with some red or wite, i don't care. some dark contrast things)
* At the bottom middle my name over decesile in white Color 

If you charge, i can't do. So sorry, so if its not possible, no problem at all bud. I understand and respect ur big effort and work you put in those.

            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
I'll pay for him ^^^ it's only 50k.
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Ah never mind. i made my own hahaha XD Pretty simple trick from prysma. Thx. Only 50K in game gold? Hahaha, i would give a few million if he did. But not needed any more now. Thx Mr. Captin Funk Big Grin Sorry for the trouble Confused
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
Ok lol no problem and because you own the guild I am leader in yours would be free or atleast get a discount :-)
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
I now make gifs so yea I can upgrade any avatar to some sort of gif but it costs double of the normal price e.g 50k for avatar 100k for gif avatar.
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]
it looks good captin but do you think you can use red lettering and have it fit the entire thing just above korrodo's head, if so it will be great, also i can't seem to get it to show when i post do you know how to fix that as well

Looks fanstastic Captin and now with it in the way i want it, it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Image: vhp2p.jpg]
I believe that the quality should be improved.
So do I but not sure how because I am using a very old version of Photoshop and only know the basics
but I will try.
[Image: 1r5daa.jpg]

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