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Need Move-set Help
ok, so i have recently gotten myself a trembling natured Ruffial:

Now, i have no idea what moves this cute, little guy should have as a move set.
Ruffial is ghost/Fire type, and we all know those two types are not the best for
Attacking physically...

Any suggestions what i should learn him?
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
Looking as base stats, Ruffial has more sp.atk, but when it evolves it gets abilities that increase its attack..

So if you want physical attacks for your ruffial, the only ones available that give you STAB(Same type attack bonus) are fire wheel and startle. But fire wheel is the only good move in terms of power..

think you're better off with a special ruffial Sad
Hmm, Fire wheel is a must for it... Also, thinking of a couple of "Non-Damaging" moves, like double time and flame Armor

Also thinking of using Harraz instead of startle, but we will see about that in time! Having only fire moves won't
Get it far in tourneys and such
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
Startle, Fire Wheel, Burrow and Flame armor are the only physical moves that can be learned/taught to Ruffial/Rufoast.

As for survival, maybe take out Flame armor and add in Double Time for the extra Evasion.

TP - 400ATK/400 Speed.

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